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Albani also called Albania

was the Latin name in the Roman Republic for the inhabitants of Alba Longa, southeast of RomeSource: Wikipedia

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Governmento of Caqueta; AlbaniaSource: Website

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Alban Hills also called Albania

The dominant peak is the Monte Cavo, at 950 m (3,115 ft, )Source: Wikipedia

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The toponym Albania may indicate several different geographical regions: a country in the BalkansSource: Wikipedia

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a town and municipality in the Santander Department in northeastern ColombiaSource: Wikipedia

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a town and municipality of the Colombian Department of La GuajiraSource: Wikipedia

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Albania Veneta also called Albania

was the name for the possessions of the Republic of Venice in southern Dalmatia that existed from 1420 to 1797Source: Wikipedia

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Caucasian Albania also called Albania

was an ancient kingdom that existed on the territory of present-day Republic of Azerbaijan and southern DagestanSource: Wikipedia

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was a Caucasian satrapy (province) of the Sassanid EmpireSource: Wikipedia

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Alba also called Albania

the Scottish Gaelic name for ScotlandSource: Wikipedia

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Great Ireland also called Albania

a legendary island believed by medieval seafarers to be situated in the Atlantic OceanSource: Wikipedia

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officially the Republic of Albania (Albanian: Republika e Shqipërisë , or simply Shqipëria, Gheg Albanian: Shqipnija), is a country in South Eastern EuropeSource: Wikipedia

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