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Danube Banovina also called Danube

a banovina (province) of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1929-1945)Source: Wikipedia

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Claudio Magris also called Danube

1986; translated as Danube: a sentimental journey from the source to the Black Sea, ISBN 0-00-272074-4Source: Wikipedia

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Danube class motorship also called Danube

a class of Russian river passenger shipsSource: Wikipedia

4 facts


named after the Danube RiverSource: Wikipedia

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Blue Danube also called Danube

the first operational British nuclear weaponSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

The Blue Danube also called Danube

the common English title of An der schönen blauen Donau op. 314 (On the Beautiful Blue Danube), a waltz by Johann Strauss II, composed in 1867Source: Wikipedia

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a town in Herkimer County, New York, United StatesSource: Wikipedia

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a city in Renville County, Minnesota, United StatesSource: Wikipedia

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Danube class starship also called Danube

class is a fictional class of starship in the science fiction franchise Star Trek (most notably Star Trek: Deep Space 9)Source: Wikipedia

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a 1,459 ton sailing ship named after the second longest river in Europe, was built in 1890 for the Nourse LineSource: Wikipedia

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Along its path, the Danube is a source of drinking water for about ten million peopleSource: Wikipedia

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