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Cables also called Usb

In addition to these cable assemblies also a cable with Micro-A and Standard-A receptacle is compliant with USB specificationsSource: Wikipedia

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USB decoration also called USB

not uncommon for a USB decoration to have a non-passive and practical purpose. Nightlights, typing speedometers, a beverage chiller, and nodding dogs that guard internet connections are all examples of USB semi-decorations. Flash drives may similarlySource: Wikipedia

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Simón Bolívar University also called USB

Several myths and legends are part of the student's culture: Do not walk behind Simón Bolívar: It is said that if you walk behind the statue of Simón Bolívar, next to the Dean's office, you will never graduateSource: Wikipedia

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request blockSource: Wikipedia

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Universal Serial Bus also called Usb

chip is integrated into most Universal Serial Bus (USB) controllers in hosts or embedded systems and provides the bridge between the digital and modulated parts of the interfaceSource: Wikipedia

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