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Wicket gate also called Wicket

a small gate or door, particularly one built into a larger oneSource: Wikipedia

8 facts


for skiing is a short piece of light gauge, bend-resistant wire formed into shape to loop through the clothing of a skier or snowboarderSource: Wikipedia

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Wicket W. Warrick also called Wicket

a fictional character from the Star Wars universe, first introduced in Return of the Jedi and played by Warwick DavisSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

Apache Wicket also called Wicket

a web application frameworkSource: Wikipedia

16 facts

Sticky Wicket also called Wicket

episode twenty-one of the first season of the TV series M*A*S*HSource: Wikipedia

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the place where a customer performs a transaction with a Customer service representativeSource: Wikipedia

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In the sport of cricket the word wicket has several distinct meaningsSource: Wikipedia

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