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The Commission also called Commission

the governing body of the Mafia in the United StatesSource: Wikipedia

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U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission also called Commission

a US body enforcing and regulating the securities industrySource: Wikipedia

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Irish Land Commission also called Commission

created in 1881 as a rent fixing commission by the Land Law (Ireland) Act 1881, also known as the second Irish Land ActSource: Wikipedia

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In art, a commission is the hiring and payment for the creation of a piece, often on behalf of anotherSource: Wikipedia

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government agency also called Commission

that operates under the authority of a board of commissioners, though the term may also be applied to non-governmental groups such as the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate AthleticsSource: Wikipedia

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(remuneration), a form of payment to an agent for services renderedSource: Wikipedia

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Commissioner also called Commission

a designation that may be used for a variety of official positions, especially referring to a high-ranked public (administrative or police) official, or an analogous official in the private sector (e.g. the highest executive position of many North AmSource: Wikipedia

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Royal Commission also called Commission

In states that are Commonwealth Realms a Royal Commission is a major government public inquiry into an issueSource: Wikipedia

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Presidential Commission also called Commission

In the United States, a Presidential Commission is a special task force ordained by the President to complete some special research or investigationSource: Wikipedia

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The payment of commission as remuneration for services rendered or products sold is a common way to reward sales peopleSource: Wikipedia

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Commissioning also called Commission

the act of starting for the first time a technical installationSource: Wikipedia

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Letters patent also called Commission

are a type of legal instrument in the form of an open letter issued by a monarch or government, granting an office, right, monopoly, title, or status to a person or to some entity such as a corporationSource: Wikipedia

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Ship commissioning also called Commission

Commissioning is the act or ceremony of placing a ship in active serviceSource: Wikipedia

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Commissioned officer also called Commission

generally receive training as leadership and management generalists, in addition to training relating to their specific military occupational specialty or function in the militarySource: Wikipedia

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European Commission also called Commission

the executive branch of the European UnionSource: Wikipedia

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Constitutional Commission also called Commission

a body reviewing or writing a constitutionSource: Wikipedia

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contract also called Commission

an exchange of promises between two or more parties to do or refrain from doing an act which is enforceable in a court of lawSource: Wikipedia

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