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an album by The Dismemberment PlanSource: Wikipedia

4 facts


‼ (double exclamation mark)Source: Wikipedia

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an American dance-punk band that formed in autumn 1996 from the former bandmembers of The Yah Mos, Black Liquorice and PopesmashersSource: Wikipedia

14 facts

!!!Fuck You!!!

A Parental Advisory logo appeared in the lower right cornerSource: Wikipedia

9 facts


The band didn't feel strongly that !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! would sell or be well-knownSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

"24 Hours (song)"

an album from Tom Jones (singer)Source: Wikipedia

2 facts


a pinball machine produced by Gottlieb with a bowling themeSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

"—And He Built a Crooked House—"

The story is about a mathematically-inclined architect named Quintus Teal who has what he thinks is a brilliant idea to save on real estate costs by building a house shaped like the unfolded net of a tesseractSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

"—We Also Walk Dogs"

Though not in wide usage, the term is also used as a catchphrase among techies to describe a willingness to take on any job, large or small, prestigious or menial-one tech-related consulting organization named their company after this phrase, emphasiSource: Wikipedia

6 facts


a 1971 motion picture also known as DollarsSource: Wikipedia

13 facts

$1 Money Wars

$1 Money Wars (2006)Source: Wikipedia

2 facts

$1.98 Beauty Show

The $1.98 Beauty Show was an American weekly syndicated television show hosted by Rip TaylorSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

$1.99 Romances

$1.99 Romances is an album by God Street WineSource: Wikipedia

2 facts


$10 (テンダラー) is a fairly well known comedy duo under the company Yoshimoto KogyoSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

$100 Bill Y'all

"$100 Bill Y'all" is a song by rapper Ice Cube produced by Rockwilder for the rapper's Greatest Hits albumSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

$100 Film Festival

The $100 Film Festival runs each March in CalgarySource: Wikipedia

8 facts

$100 Hamburger

Flying FoodSource: Website

10 facts

$100,000 Challenge

Blaine's $100,000 Challenge is an armchair treasure hunt hidden throughout the pages of Mysterious Stranger: A Book of Magic by street magician David BlaineSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

$100,000 Dollar Mamal

recorded in early 1995 in West Hobart, Tasmania, and released later that yearSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

$25 Million Dollar Hoax

$25 Million Dollar Hoax was an unscripted television series commissioned by U.S. network NBCSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

$30 Film School

$30 Film School is the title of a book written by Michael W. Dean concerning no-budget filmmakingSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

$35K O.B.O.

"$35K O.B.O."Source: Website

6 facts

$40 a Day

According to Ray, visiting a fast food restaurant, particularly those of national chains, is considered cheating (she says so explicitly in the Orlando episode)Source: Wikipedia

8 facts

$50,000 a Minute

$50,000 a Minute was an unsold game show pilot created by Bob StewartSource: Wikipedia

5 facts


a 2006 song by Ayumi HamasakiSource: Wikipedia

2 facts


the 29th single released by Ayumi Hamasaki and her 16th number 1 singleSource: Wikipedia

8 facts


Source: Personal Knowledge

0 facts

& Yet & Yet

the third album by Do Make Say Think and was released in March 2002 by Constellation RecordsSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

& YOU revolution

Sifow's first mini album, and was self released in early 2006Source: Wikipedia

4 facts

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