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10183 Ampère

a main-belt asteroidSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

10184 Galvani

(1996 HC19) is a Main-belt AsteroidSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

10185 Gaudi

(1996 HD21) is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on April 18, 1996 by E. W. Elst at the European Southern ObservatorySource: Wikipedia

1 fact

10186 Albéniz

is an asteroid, discovered on April 20, 1996 by E.W. Elst at the European Southern ObservatorySource: Wikipedia

2 facts

10188 Yasuoyoneda

(1996 JY) is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on May 14, 1996 by R. H. McNaught and Y. Ikari at MoriyamaSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

10189 Normanrockwell

(1996 JK16) is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on May 15, 1996 by Spacewatch at Kitt PeakSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

1019 Strackea

an inner main belt asteroidSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

10193 Nishimoto

is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on August 8, 1996 by AMOS at HaleakalaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

10195 Nebraska

JPL Small-Body Database Browser on 10195 NebraskaSource: Website

2 facts

10197 Senigalliesi

(1996 UO) is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on October 18, 1996 by V. Goretti at PianoroSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

10198 Pinelli

JPL Small-Body Database Browser on 10198 PinelliSource: Website

2 facts

10199 Chariklo

an asteroid orbiting the Sun between Saturn and UranusSource: Wikipedia

13 facts


101 FM (callsign 4CBL) is a community radio station broadcasting from Logan City, Queensland, and started in 1988Source: Wikipedia

3 facts


a periodic comet in our solar systemSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


(Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers) are a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) and Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) regiment of the Territorial Army (TA) with sub units throughout NorthumbriaSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

101st Air Refueling Wing

The United States Air Force's 101st Air Refueling Wing is an Air National Guard aerial refueling unit located at Bangor IAP, MaineSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

101st Airborne Division

— the "Screaming Eagles"— is a U.S. Army modular infantry division trained for heliborne air assault operationsSource: Wikipedia

40 facts

101st Chemical Company

a dual-purpose smoke/light decontamination chemical unit of the United States Army, based at Fort Bragg, North CarolinaSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

101st Engineer Battalion

originally organized in 1636 as The East Regiment from existing militia companies of Saugus, Salem, Ipswich, and NewburySource: Wikipedia

6 facts

101st Field Artillery Regiment

the oldest field artillery regiment in the United States Army with a lineage dating to December 13, 1636 when it was organized as the South RegimentSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

101st Grenadiers

a regiment of the British Indian ArmySource: Wikipedia

4 facts

101st Indiana Infantry Regiment

The 101st Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil WarSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

101st Infantry Division

a French Army formation during World War IISource: Wikipedia

6 facts

101st Infantry Division

The division was formed on May 3, 1915 and organized over the next few weeksSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

101st Intelligence Squadron

a unit of the Massachusetts Air National GuardSource: Wikipedia

17 facts

101st kilometre

a colloquial name for the law restricting freedom of movement in the Soviet UnionSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

101st meridian west

The meridian 101° west of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, North America, the Pacific Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South PoleSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

101st Regiment of Foot

was an infantry regiment of the British Army, formed in 1760 and disbanded in 1763Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

101st Regiment of Foot

a regiment of the British Army from 1862 to 1881 but with a lineage going back to 1652Source: Wikipedia

4 facts

101st Rescue Squadron

(101 RQS) is a combat rescue unit of the New York Air National GuardSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

101st Rifle Division

a formation of the Soviet Red Army initially formed as a mountain rifle division on 28 August 1938 within the 2nd Separate Red Banner Army in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky citySource: Wikipedia

5 facts

101st Signal Battalion

an Echelons Above Corps Signal Unit of the New York Army National GuardSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

101st SS Heavy Panzer Detachment

meaning Heavy SS-Tank Battalion 101, commonly abbreviated as s.SS-PzSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

101st United States Congress

a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, composed of the United States Senate and the United States House of RepresentativesSource: Wikipedia

13 facts


is the natural number following 101 and preceding 103Source: Wikipedia

3 facts

102 AH

a year in the Islamic calendar that corresponds to 720 - 721 CESource: Wikipedia

1 fact

102 Dalmatians

a 2000 live-action film, produced by The Walt Disney Company and starring Glenn Close as the villainous Cruella de VilSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

102 JAMZ SuperJam

an annual summer concert starring some of the hottest artists in hip hop that is hosted by Urban Contemporary radio station WJMH (102 JAMZ)/Greensboro, North CarolinaSource: Wikipedia

13 facts

102 Miriam

a quite large, very dark main belt asteroidSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

102 Squadron

of the Israeli Air Force, also known as The Flying Tiger, operates A-4H Skyhawk fighters at Hatzerim Israeli Air Force BaseSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

102.2 Jazz FM

a local jazz and soul music station for London run by GMG RadioSource: Wikipedia

20 facts

102.2 Smooth FM

an Independent Local Radio station for Greater LondonSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

102.2 Smooth Radio

an Independent Local Radio station for the Greater London area, which replaced 102.2 Smooth FM on March 26th, 2007, launched by Gavin McCoy and Barbra Streisand's A Star Is BornSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

102.5 Clyde 1

a UK radio station that broadcasts to Glasgow and West Central Scotland on FM, DAB and, to the whole UK, on FreeviewSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

102.5 The 'Bridge

a community radio station serving the town of Stourbridge and the surrounding areaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

102.7 Mercury FM

Radio Mercury is a radio station in the Surrey and Sussex area of the United Kingdom that was founded on 20 October 1984Source: Wikipedia

9 facts

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