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E 11

a highway in the United Arab EmiratesSource: Wikipedia

15 facts

E 1999 Eternal

the second album and the first major release by Midwest hip hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, released on July 25, 1995Source: Wikipedia

5 facts

E 311

a route in the United Arab EmiratesSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

E 44

(Arabic:إ ٤٤) is one of the main roads of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)Source: Wikipedia

10 facts

E 611

(Arabic: إ ٦١١ is a route currently being constructed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

E 66

a road in the United Arab EmiratesSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

E 77

a route in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)Source: Wikipedia

10 facts

E Ala E

an album by the Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, released in 1995Source: Wikipedia

2 facts

E An

(義安) were the highest military award and decorations during the Taiping RebellionSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

E and F class destroyer

The E and F class was a class of eighteen destroyers of the Royal Navy that served during World War IISource: Wikipedia

8 facts

E and M signaling

a type of supervisory line signaling that uses separate leads, called the "E" lead and "M" lead, traditionally used in the North American telecommunications industrySource: Wikipedia

8 facts

È arrivato l'accordatore

regia di Duilio Coletti (1952)Source: Wikipedia

2 facts

E band

a range of radio frequencies used by NATOSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

E Battery Royal Horse Artillery

are a Close Support Battery of 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery They are currently based in Assaye Barracks in TidworthSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

É Bom É Bom

the thirty-second studio album by Portuguese American singer/songwriter Jorge Ferreira, released in 2007 on Portuguese Music World in America and Espacial in PortugalSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

E Bukura e Dheut

an Albanian fairy of beautySource: Wikipedia

5 facts

E C Williams Ltd.

a specialist electroplating company based in Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, UKSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

E Carinae

(E Car) is a star in the constellation CarinaSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

E caudata

used in Latin from as early as the twelfth century to represent the vowel also written ae or æSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

E Centauri

(E Cen) is a star in the constellation CentaurusSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

E Center

a 10,100-seat multi-purpose arena in West Valley City, Utah, southwest of Salt Lake CitySource: Wikipedia

8 facts

E Chart

an ophthalmological chart used to measure a patient's acuity for distant visionSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

E Clampus Vitus

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus is a fraternal organization dedicated to the study and preservation of Western Heritage, in particular the history of the Mother Lode and gold mining regions of the areaSource: Wikipedia

37 facts

E class

: Automobiles Mercedes-Benz E-Class, a series of automobiles built by Mercedes-BenzSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

E class blimp

Two were purchased for the US Navy and one for the US ArmySource: Wikipedia

7 facts

E class lifeboat

Made of an aluminium alloy with a closed cell polythene foam collar, the 9m E class lifeboat is operated by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution of the United Kingdom and IrelandSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

E class submarine

Two classes of submarine are known as the E classSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

E Club

produced by blocktimer VGC Productions, Inc., is a variety show that airs on Studio 23 every Sunday, 6 to 7 pmSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

E collar

Elizabethan collar, a protective medical device worn by an animalSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

E Company, 506th Infantry Regiment

Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment is one of the most well-known companies in the United States ArmySource: Wikipedia

9 facts

E De people

are an ethnic group of the Hill Cham agglomeration of southern Vietnam (population 270,348 in 1999)Source: Wikipedia

11 facts

E depois do adeus

the Portuguese entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1974, performed in Portuguese by Paulo de Carvalho (born Manuel Paulo de Carvalho Costa in Lisbon, Portugal)Source: Wikipedia

7 facts

E Embarcadero

intended to become the San Francisco Municipal Railway's second heritage streetcar line in San Francisco, California, once additional historic streetcars are restored and brought into serviceSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

E equational theorem prover

a modern, high performance theorem prover for full first-order logic with equalitySource: Wikipedia

8 facts


(100.4 FM) is a Colombo, Sri Lanka-based radio station that broadcasts a Top 40 musical formatSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

E for Ecstasy

(ISBN 0-9501628-8-4) is a controversial book written by Nicholas Saunders and published in May of 1993Source: Wikipedia

5 facts

E For Explosion

The band formed upon the split of JamisonParker and was originally called CovingtonSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

E Ink

a type of electronic paper manufactured by E Ink CorporationSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

E Ink Corporation

a privately held manufacturer of electrophoretic displays (EPDs), a kind of electronic paperSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

E iotified

a letter of the early Cyrillic alphabetSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

E Is for Everything on Fat Wreck Chords

a compilation album from Californian punk rock band, BracketSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

E is for Extinction

the first story arc from Grant Morrison's run on the Marvel Comics title New X-MenSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

E J H Nash

clergyman and evangelistSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

È la solita storia del pastore

sung by Federico who is deeply in love with a girl from Arles, l'Arlesiana but his family has arranged his marriage with VivettaSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

E language

a language of ChinaSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

E le stelle stanno a guardare

a 1971 Italian adaptation of A. J. Cronin's 1935 novel The Stars Look DownSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

E Line

part of the light rail system operated by the Regional Transportation District in the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area in Colorado was added to the system on November 17, 2006 with the completion of the Southeast Corridor project (the "T-Rex Project")Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

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