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H "Two" O

are a Leicester based garage DJ duo consisting of Solution and Oz also known as Selim and SimonSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

H & Claire

were a pop duo, consisting of former Steps members Claire Richards and Ian "H" WatkinsSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

H & J Smith's

Department Stores are operated in Invercargill, Gore, Queenstown, Te Anau and BalcluthaSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

H & L Bloom

Inc. is a private transportation company in the U.S. state of MassachusettsSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

H & R Firearms

Harrington & RichardsonSource: Wikipedia

18 facts

H 43 Lund

a handball team from Sweden, playing in the ElitserienSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

H and H Engineering Construction

a railroad contractor based out of Stockton, CaliforniaSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

H B Kendall

Rev Holliday Bickerstaff(e) Kendall, BA is important in Methodist history for having written three separate histories of the Primitive Methodist ChurchSource: Wikipedia

19 facts

H band

the range of radio frequencies from 6 GHz to 8 GHz in the electromagnetic spectrumSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

H Banzragch

Embassy of Mongolian in MoscowSource: Website

3 facts

H Carinae

(H Car) is a star in the constellation CarinaSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

H Chalton Bradshaw

a Liverpool-born architectSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

H chondrite

The H type ordinary chondrites are the most common type of meteorite, accounting for approximately 40% of all those catalogued, 46% of the ordinary chondrites, and 44% of the chondrites[1&#93Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

H class

Victorian Railways H class, a 4-8-4 which was the largest non-articulated steam locomotive ever to run in AustraliaSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

H class Adelaide tram

have been the mainstay of the Glenelg tram line in South Australia for 75 years since the line was converted from railway to tramway operation and electrified in 1929Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

H class battleship

The cancelled German H class battleships went through two different design iterationsSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

H class battleship

The H-39 design was a type of battleship proposed by Nazi Germany before the outbreak of World War IISource: Wikipedia

12 facts

H class battleship

The H-44 class was the ultimate evolution of a series of battleship design studies, derived by the Third Reich's Kriegsmarine as an outgrowth of the H-Class battleship programSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

H class blimp

The H class blimps were observation airships built for the US Navy in the early 1920sSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

H D Moore

In July 2006, Moore launched the Month of Browser Bugs (MOBB) projectSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

H engine

an engine configuration in which the cylinders are aligned so that if viewed from the front, they appear to be in a vertical or horizontal letter HSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

H Gallery

a museum in Bangkok, ThailandSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

H I region

an interstellar cloud composed of neutral atomic hydrogen (H I)Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

H II region

a cloud of glowing gas and plasma, sometimes several hundred light-years across, in which star formation is taking place. Young, hot, blue stars which have formed from the gas emit copious amounts of ultraviolet light, ionising the nebula surroundingSource: Wikipedia

21 facts

H index

can refer toSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

H K Firodia awards

for excellence in Science & Technology are given annually by the H K Firodia foundationSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

H Kaufman

a rugby league player in the Australian competition the New South Wales Rugby League (NSWRL)Source: Wikipedia

7 facts

H Keane

(Australia) was a rugby league footballer in the New South Wales Rugby League(NWSWRL)Source: Wikipedia

4 facts

H Line

part of the light rail system operated by the Regional Transportation District in the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area in Colorado, was added to the system on November 17, 2006, with the completion of the Southeast Corridor project (the "T-Rex ProjectSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

H Mart

Korean: 한아름, Chinese: 韓亞龍Source: Wikipedia

10 facts

H McCallum

a rugby league player in the Australian competition, the New South Wales Rugby LeagueSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

H Para Hombres

Similar to FHM or Maxim, the magazine features sexy photos of actresses, models and singers, as well as other topics that interest men, such as sports, health and fashionSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

H R Keshava Murthy

a carnatic music singer, famous for his contributions to the field of GamakaSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

H S Ranka

the leading industrialist of Rajasthan state in IndiaSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

H set

a type of train in Australia also known as Outer Suburban CARs (OSCARs)Source: Wikipedia

14 facts

H share

refers to the shares of companies incorporated in mainland China that are traded on the Hong Kong Stock ExchangeSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

H Street

Corridor is a commercial district in the heart of the Near Northeast neighborhood – also known as Old City, Capitol Hill North, and Cap Valley – in Northeast Washington, D.C. The neighborhood was one of Washington's earliest and busiest commerciaSource: Wikipedia

17 facts

H Street Festival

The 2008 Festival is scheduled to be held on Saturday, September 20, 2008, from noon to 6 pmSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

H Street Playhouse

a black-box theater and gallery located in the Atlas District in Northeast Washington D.CSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

H T Waghorn

was a cricket statistician and historianSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

H Thompson

(born Sydney,Australia) was rugby league footballer in the New South Wales Rugby League (NSWRL)'s foundation season - 1908Source: Wikipedia

4 facts

H to He

the third album by the British progressive rock band Van der Graaf GeneratorSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

H tree

commonly used in VLSI design as a clock distribution network for routing timing signals to all parts of a chip with equal propagation delays to each partSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

H type carriage

The carriages were converted from early Harris suburban Electric Multiple Units between 1984 and 1990 to replace the last of the older wooden carriage stockSource: Wikipedia

16 facts

H Williams

an English cricketer who played four first-class matches for Worcestershire in 1927Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

H with descender

(Ⱨ ⱨ) is a letter of the Latin alphabet, derived from H with the addition of a small descenderSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

H Woodhill

(Australia) was a rugby league footballer who played in New South Wales Rugby League (NSWRL) competitionSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

H%C3%BCckel method

a very simple LCAO MO MethodSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

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