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J & J Snack Foods Corporation

a food and beverage manufacturing and marketing conglomerate based in Pennsauken, New JerseySource: Wikipedia

8 facts

J & L Randall

Ltd was a British toy manufacturer, based in Potters Bar, which was in Middlesex until 1965 and then in HertfordshireSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

J & S Building

a historic site in Miami, FloridaSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

J & S Records

a New York record label started in 1956 and continued through to the 1960sSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

J (Sidi Rezegh) Battery Royal Horse Artillery

are a Close Support Battery of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery They are currently based in Caen Barracks in Hohne, GermanySource: Wikipedia

3 facts

J A Aromire

born 1935Source: Wikipedia

10 facts

J Allard

"Chief Experience Officer" and Chief Technology Officer, for the Entertainment and Devices Division at MicrosoftSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

J and Friends Sing and Chant for Amma

an album-length compact disc by American guitarist/singer/songwriter and Dinosaur Jr bandleader J MascisSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

J Anthony Brown

born in Columbia, South CarolinaSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

J Anthony Crane

born October 19 1972Source: Wikipedia

7 facts

J Award

an award given by influential Australian youth radio station Triple J to Australian Album of the YearSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

J B Khot High School

J B Khot High Schoolis a Primary/Secondary school in Borivali east, Mumbai, IndiaSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

J B Lefebvre

a Quebec shoe store retailer that existed from 1912 to 2004Source: Wikipedia

2 facts

J B Pickthall

Coach Hire is a small family business, established over 15 years ago, who operate in Rowrah, West CumbriaSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

J band

the range of radio frequencies from 10 GHz to 20 GHz in the electromagnetic spectrumSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

J Beez wit the Remedy

the third album by the Jungle Brothers, released during June 1993 (see 1993 in music) on Warner Bros. RecordsSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

J body

: Automobile component setsSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

J Boogie

" Boland is an American DJ/producer from San Francisco, CaliforniaSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

J C Sum

(Sum Jan-chung) is a Singaporean illusionist and illusion designerSource: Wikipedia

15 facts

J Centauri

(J Cen) is a star in the constellation CentaurusSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

J chain

Because IgM and IgA are the only two types of antibody that polymerize, initial hypotheses stated that J chain was required for polymerizationSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

J Chris Griffin

a record producer born in GeorgiaSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

J Church

a Muni Metro line in San Francisco, California mainly serving the Noe Valley and Balboa Park neighborhoodsSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

J Church

a punk rock band fronted by Lance Hahn, which was formed in 1992Source: Wikipedia

15 facts

J class

may beSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

J class blimp

were non-rigid airships designed by the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in the early 1920s for the US NavySource: Wikipedia

7 facts

J Clive Matthews

a British writer, editor, blogger and online content consultantSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

J Cunningham

(Sydney, Australia), was a rugby league footballer in the New South Wales Rugby League - the major rugby league competition in AustraliaSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

J curve

used in several different fields to refer to a variety of unrelated J-shaped diagrams where a curve initially falls, but then rises to higher than the starting pointSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

J Dilla

James Dewitt Yancey , better known by his stage name J Dilla or Jay Dee, was an acclaimed, Grammy-winning music producer who emerged from the mid-1990s underground hip hop scene in Detroit, MichiganSource: Wikipedia

31 facts

J Dilla discography

The following list catalogs song-writing, and producing credits for James Yancey, also known as Jay Dee and J DillaSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

J Duncan M Derrett

Professor of Oriental Laws in the University of London, from 1965 to 1982, and is now Emeritus ProfessorSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

J E Beale

a department store group based in Bournemouth, Dorset, EnglandSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

J E Houston

Minister in Cambuslang Old Parish from 1892 when he succeed the Rev Dr Robert BlairSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

J Gilbert

(dates unknown) was an English professional cricketer who made 4 known appearances in major cricket matches from 1789 to 1792Source: Wikipedia

3 facts

J Glacier

located in Bridger-Teton National Forest, in the U.S. state of Wyoming on the west of the Continental Divide in the Wind River RangeSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

J Gouldstone

an Essex and All-England cricketer of the late 18th centurySource: Wikipedia

8 facts

J Hampton

(dates unknown) was an English professional cricketer who made 52 known appearances in major cricket matches between 1793 and 1816Source: Wikipedia

4 facts

J Harlen Bretz

an American geologist, who was first to recognize evidence of the Missoula Floods, also known as the Bretz FloodsSource: Wikipedia

18 facts

J integral

The J-integral represents a way to calculate the strain energy release rate, or work (energy) per unit fracture surface area, in a materialSource: Wikipedia

18 facts

J J Ebers Award

established in 1971 with the intention to foster progress in electron devices and to commemorate the life activities of Jewell James Ebers, whose distinguished contributions, particularly in the transistor art, shaped the understanding and technologySource: Wikipedia

5 facts

J J Giltinan

an entrepreneur who helped to found the sport of rugby league in Australia and who led the first Kangaroo tour to England in 1908Source: Wikipedia

4 facts

J J Hilder

was an Australian Watercolourist from the Heidelberg School, a style of paintingSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

J J Liston Stakes

a Group 2 Australian thoroughbred horse race held under weight for age conditions, for horses aged 3 years old and upwards, over a distance of 1400mSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

J Juliano

a singer/songwriter originally from Hoover, AlabamaSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

J Leman

a linebacker for the Minnesota VikingsSource: Wikipedia

16 facts

J Lesser

the stage name for Jason Doerck , a musician known for his unrepentant approach to sound creationSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

J Lonesome Jones

a U.S. Marine Officer who is commander of the 82nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, later 82nd Marine Expeditionary BrigadeSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

J Majik

hails from Northwood, England and has been a drum and bass DJ since his early teens in the early 1990s, releasing his first track as early as 1992 (as DJ Dextrous) on the Planet Earth record labelSource: Wikipedia

13 facts

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