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P & P Cable Holdings

is a corporation in the United States that owns several low-power television stationsSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

P 4 class torpedo boat

are Chinese torpedo boats armed with 2x450 mm torpedoes, based on a Soviet aluminum-hulled hydroplaning designSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

P = NP problem

The relationship between the complexity classes P and NP is an unsolved question in theoretical computer scienceSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

P A College of Engineering

an engineering college in Konaje, India around 22km from MangaloreSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

P and A Campbell

became with its White Funnel Fleet the dominant excursion-steamer operator in the Bristol Channel by the 1890sSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

P and R Measures

are the statistics used to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, particularly automated business processesSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

P antigen system

a human blood group system based upon genes on chromosome 22Source: Wikipedia

3 facts

P c gupta

PROF. P. C. GUPTA Prakash Chandra Gupta , an eminent professor of English and a prolific writer both in Hindi and English was born in Bhakkar village of Punjab , India on 16th March in 1908Source: Wikipedia

8 facts

P Carinae

(P Car) is a star in the constellation CarinaSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

P class sloop

The P class, nominally described as "patrol boats", was in effect a class of coastal sloopsSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

P company

A 10 miles (16 km) march conducted as a squad over undulating terrainSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

P convention

The "-P Convention" or "P Question" refers to the act of making a statement into a question by appending "P." When spoken aloud, the "P" is literally pronounced as a separate syllable "Pee." This practice originated among users of the Lisp programminSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

P Cygni

a variable star in the constellation CygnusSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

P Devadas

an amateur astronomer from IndiaSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

P element

a transposon that is present in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster and is used widely for mutagenesis and the creation of genetically modified flies used for genetic researchSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

P Eridani

a binary star system approximately 26 light-years away in the constellation of Eridanus (the River)Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

P Henderson & Company

was a ship owning and management company based in Glasgow, Scotland and operating to BurmaSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

P J Magennis Pty Ltd v Commonwealth

(1949) 80 CLR 382 is a High Court of Australia case that deals with the Commonwealth's power of acquisition of property, which must be on just terms, as specified in section 51(xxxi) of the Australian ConstitutionSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

P J O'Shea Stakes

a Group 2 Australian Thoroughbred horse race held under weight for age conditions, for horses aged 3 years old and upwards, over a distance of 2400 metres at Eagle Farm Racecourse, Brisbane in JuneSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

P J Polyp

a cartoonistSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

P Janardhan Reddy

was a politician and labour leader who had served as MLA five times for the Hyderabad constituency of KhairtabadSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

P Jay Crips

are a Crip gang that operates in Watts, South Los Angeles, CaliforniaSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

P K Kelkar library

an academic Library of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK) with a collection of more than 3,00,000 volumes and subscriptions to more than 1000 periodicalsSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

P Kesava Menon

a mathematician best known as Director of the Indian Joint Cipher BureauSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

P M Aboobacker

Poovanitheruvath Maliyekal Abubacker was one of the most well known muslim political leaders of Kerala, IndiaSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

P M Sayeed

a leader of the Indian National Congress partySource: Wikipedia

11 facts

P Moe Nin

one of Burma’s most prolific and treasured writersSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

P Paul Verma

Indian film director, producer and writer of Punjabi and Hindi filmsSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

p prada

Source: Personal Knowledge

0 facts

P Productions

a Japanese production company, which has produced anime and tokusatsu programs, with minor work in motion picturesSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

P Router

typically connected to one or more PE RoutersSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

P S Raman

- 1971-1976Source: Wikipedia

3 facts

P Series

IBM System p, a series of IBM RISC CPU based workstations and servers running UnixSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

P Sharp

P# is a Prolog (logic programming language) interpreter written for the Common Language InfrastructureSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

P Street Bridge

In June 2006, the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission (2B) discussed a proposal to give the bridge a ceremonial designation to commemorate the 225th anniversary of the end of the American Revolutionary WarSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

P system

a computational model based upon the architecture of a biological cell, abstracting from the way in which chemicals interact and cross cell membranesSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

P T Poojary

Mr P T Poojary is the former Vice President and CTO (now retired) of Thai Baroda Industries and was one of the core member in the building and commissioning of this tyre cord plant in Rayong, ThailandSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

P V Rajagopal

a Gandhian activist, is Vice Chairman of the Gandhi Peace Foundation (GPF) and the founding member of Ekta Parishad, a grassroots right-based organization which organized the massive non-violent landless march Janadesh 2007Source: Wikipedia

5 facts

P Velorum

(p Vel) is a triple star system in the constellation VelaSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

P visa

Entertainers must be part of an entertainment group to obtain a P-1 visaSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

P Vishnuvardhan Reddy

an MLA for the constituency of Khairtabad in Hyderabad, Andhra PradeshSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

P with stroke

(minuscule: ) or "p with stroke" is a letter of the Latin alphabet, formed from P with the addition of a stroke, usually through the bowl but sometimes through the descenderSource: Wikipedia

6 facts


- T.I. Presents the P$C: 25 to Life (Grand Hustle/Atlantic)Source: Wikipedia

2 facts

P&G Beauty NW Arkansas Championship

in full the P&G Beauty NW Arkansas Championship presented by John Q. Hammons is a golf tournament for professional female golfers that is part of the LPGA TourSource: Wikipedia

8 facts


an initialism that could meanSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

P&O Bank

established the P&O Banking CorporationSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

P&O Cruises

a United Kingdom-based cruise line that operates six cruise ships based in the United KingdomSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

P&O Cruises Australia

one of the cruise lines owned by Carnival Corporation & plcSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

P&O Ferries

Previously known as P&O North Sea Ferries, and before as North Sea Ferries, the Kingston upon Hull to Rotterdam route is taken by P&O's flagships of the ferry fleet, sister ships Pride of Hull and Pride of RotterdamSource: Wikipedia

14 facts

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