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T & A

Test and Albert met in Dory Funk, Jr.'s training center, the Funkin' Conservatory, where they were trainedSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

T & G Building

stands on the corner of Queen Street and Albert Street in Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

T & G Building

a distinctive building in Geelong, Victoria, AustraliaSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

T & G Mutual Life Assurance Society

an insurance company that operated in Australia and New ZealandSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

T & T Supermarket

a Canadian supermarket chain headquartered in Richmond, British ColumbiaSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

T 258/03

Although the claims were held to be inventions within the meaning of Article 52(1), (2) and (3) EPC, they were found to lack inventive stepSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

T 47 class destroyer

Twelve ships were built between 1955 and 1957Source: Wikipedia

7 facts

T 53 class destroyer

The T 53 class were the second group of destroyers built for the French Navy after World War 2Source: Wikipedia

8 facts

T 641/00

On June 2, 2006, the Board in decision T 928/03 ("Video game/KONAMI") interpreted the Comvik decisionSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

T 931/95

commonly known as Pension Benefit Systems Partnership, is a decision of a Technical Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO), issued on September 8, 2000Source: Wikipedia

7 facts

T account

T accounts are used to represent general ledger accountsSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

T and O map

is a type of medieval world map, sometimes also called a Beatine map or a Beatus map because one of the earliest known representations of this sort is attributed to Beatus of Liébana, an 8th century Spanish monkSource: Wikipedia

16 facts

T Aquarii

(T Aqr) is a variable star in the constellation AquariusSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

T arm

has two components to itSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

T Aurigae

a nova, which lit up in the constellation Auriga in 1892Source: Wikipedia

5 facts

T Ball

can refer toSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

T C Esser

From that time forward Mr. Esser prosperedSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

T Campbell

the writer of many webcomics, including Fans, Rip & Teri Search Engine Funnies [ and Penny & Aggie []Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

T Carinae

(T Car) is a star in the constellation CarinaSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

T Cars

The series was set up in 1999 and was the first championship in the UK to allow drivers under the age of 16 to drive racing carsSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

T cell

belong to a group of white blood cells known as lymphocytes, and play a central role in cell-mediated immunitySource: Wikipedia

13 facts

T cell receptor

The signal from the T cell complex is enhanced by simultaneous binding of the MHC molecules by a specific co-receptorSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

T cell vaccination

immunization with inactivated autoreactive T cellsSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

T Cephei

T Cep, Variable Star of Mira Cet typeSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

T Choithram International SA v Pagarani

The background facts to the litigation are extremely unusualSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

T class

man refer toSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

T class ferry

MV Tenaka - 1964 (Runs on Quadra Island ↔ Cortes Island)Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

T class submarine

Two classes of submarine are known as the T classSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

T Cooper

an American novelistSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

T Coronae Borealis

informally nicknamed the Blaze Star, is a recurring nova in the constellation Corona BorealisSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

T Craft class inshore patrol vessel

They were ordered in mid-1991, and commissioned into the Navy in 2003Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

T Davis

first name, birth and death details unknownSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

T E Scott Elementary School

T E Scott Elementary is a public elementary school in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, part of School District 36 SurreySource: Wikipedia

2 facts

T Express

a wooden roller coaster at Everland in Yongin, South KoreaSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

T for Tibet

a campaign that is organised by the Free Tibet CampaignSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

T formation

The only book that describes in detail the concept of the T-formation is Notre Dame Football: The "T" Formation, written in 1949 by Frank Leahy, the legendary coach at Notre DameSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

T G Millner Field

In 1947, after Eastwood's elevation to the Sydney Senior Competition the club purchased seven and a half acres of land a mile and a half north-east of Eastwood railway station StationSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

T helper 17 cell

On initial characterisation, Th17 cells were broadly implicated in autoimmune disease and auto-specific Th17 were shown to be highly pathogenicSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

T helper cell

are a sub-group of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell or leukocyte) that plays an important role in establishing and maximizing the capabilities of the immune systemSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

T in the Park

a major music festival that has been held annually in Scotland since 1994Source: Wikipedia

21 facts

T J Hughes

have seen profits soar almost 50% a year, from £3.6m in 2003, increasing to £7.9m in 2004 with an impressive jump to £12m in 2006Source: Wikipedia

11 facts

T J Smith Stakes

a Group 1 Australian thoroughbred horse race at Weight for Age run over a distance of 1200 metres at Randwick Racecourse, Sydney in March/AprilSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

T Jones

(Australia) was a rugby league footballer in the New South Wales Rugby League(NSWRL)Source: Wikipedia

3 facts

T K Sreepada Rao

Dr. T. K. Sreepada Rao is an Indian nephrologistSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

T Kumaran

a cricketer who played for IndiaSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

T La Rock

Clarence "Terry" Ronnie Keaton , known by the stage name, T La Rock, is an American old school emcee best known for his collaboration with Def Jam Recordings co-founder Rick Rubin and the 1984 single, "It's Yours."Source: Wikipedia

10 facts

T Lavitz

an American jazz-rock/fusion keyboardist, composer and producerSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

T Lopez

Lopez is also a former member of DreamWorks Records quartet Soluna, whose sole album "For All Time" and debut single of the same name generated buzz in 2002Source: Wikipedia

8 facts

T M Opera O

a Japanese thoroughbred racehorse, Sired by Opera House, a son of Sadler's Wells, out of Once Wed, a daughter of Blushing GroomSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

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