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"A" Is for Alibi

The first novel in the "Alphabet Mysteries" series introduces the character of Kinsey Millhone as she treads through the facts surrounding the death of prominent divorce lawyer Laurence Fife, whose murder eight years previous was blamed on his then wSource: Wikipedia

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'A' vs. Monkey Kong

A' vs. Monkey Kong is the second album by the Alternative rock band ASource: Wikipedia

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'A' — You're Adorable

a popular song with music by Sid Lippman and lyrics by Buddy Kaye and Fred Wise, published in 1948Source: Wikipedia

5 facts

(A Ballad Of) A Peaceful Man

Released in late 1971, A Peaceful Man was Gravy Train's second - and probably their most praised - albumSource: Wikipedia

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(A Little Touch Of) Baroque in Winter

Baroque in Winter is a 1995 Christmas EP by Takako MinekawaSource: Wikipedia

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(A) Senile Animal

Senile Animal is an album by the Melvins, released on October 10 2006Source: Wikipedia

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From 2003 to 2006 the band actively toured with such bands as 7 Mary 3 and The Burden Brothers and released an EP and live albumSource: Wikipedia

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an (a,b) tree is a specific kind of search treeSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

(a,b,0) class of distributions

provided a and b exist and are realSource: Wikipedia

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1A2 Key System

system is uncommon today, but some very large installations are still in use due to the high cost of replacing themSource: Wikipedia

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4a-hydroxytetrahydrobiopterin dehydratase

an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction Thus, the two substrates of this enzyme are (6R)-6-(L-erythro-1,2-dihydroxypropyl)-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-4a- and hydroxypterin, whereas its two products are (6R)-6-(L-erythro-1,2-dihydroxypropyl)-7,8-dihydrSource: Wikipedia

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an operational fast and accurate radiative transfer model for the infraredSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

7A WF 83429

The episode was nominated for an ASC award for cinematographySource: Wikipedia

6 facts


a high affinity NMDA antagonistSource: Wikipedia

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a carbine assault rifle currently in use with Russian police forcesSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

¡A Luchar!

¡A Luchar! a was political movement in Colombia, formed by various progressive trade unionist and social movementsSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

¿A quién le importa?

a single released from latin pop singer Thalía's 2002 selftitled studio album ThalíaSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

Þá veistu svarið

the Icelandic entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1993, performed in Icelandic by IngaSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Það sem enginn sér

the Icelandic entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1989, performed in Icelandic by Daníel Ágúst HaraldssonSource: Wikipedia

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…a nastal chaos

a hip-hop debut album by highly influential czech group Chaozz, released in 1996Source: Wikipedia

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