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"B" Is for Burglar

the second novel in Sue Grafton's "Alphabet" series of mystery novels and features Kinsey Millhone, a private eye based in Santa Teresa, CaliforniaSource: Wikipedia

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The "random" board, /b/, follows the design of Futaba Channel's Nijiura boardSource: Wikipedia

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2B14 Podnos

a Russian 82mm mortar, using 82mm eastern ammunition the same as the Vasilek mortarSource: Wikipedia

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2B9 Vasilek

The 82 mm 2B9 Vasilek or 'Cornflower' automatic gun-mortar is a very complex breech loading or muzzle loading mortar that can function both as a high-angle mortar as well as a flat-trajectory gunSource: Wikipedia

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from BærumSource: Wikipedia

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3B series computers

3B is a family of computer systems, produced by Western Electric/AT&T Computer Systems/Lucent Technologies/Alcatel-LucentSource: Wikipedia

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stands for 4 (four) Binary 3 (three) Ternary, a line encoding scheme used for ISDN BRI interface. 4B3T represents four binary bits using three pulsesSource: Wikipedia

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a form of data communications line code. 4B5B works by mapping groups of four bits onto groups of 5 bitsSource: Wikipedia

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8b/10b encoding

a line code that maps 8-bit symbols to 10-bit symbols to achieve DC-balance (see DC coefficient) and bounded disparity, and yet provide enough state changes to allow reasonable clock recoverySource: Wikipedia

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