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This story was written by Michael Swanwick and William Gibson, and was first published in Omni in 1985Source: Wikipedia

5 facts

(Do the) Mashed Potatoes

a hit R&B instrumentalSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

(Don't Fear) The Reaper

a song by the rock band Blue Öyster Cult from their 1976 album, Agents of FortuneSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

(Don't Go Back To) Rockville

" Rockville" was the second and final single released by R.E.M. from their second studio album ReckoningSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

(Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below

a funk/soul song originally recorded by Curtis Mayfield for his album Curtis (1970)Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

(Don't) Give Hate a Chance

the third single from Dynamite, the sixth album by UK band Jamiroquai, led by Jason KaySource: Wikipedia

5 facts


the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Dominican RepublicSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

3DO Blaster

The add-on featured a 3DO logic board on a full-size ISA cardSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

3DO Interactive Multiplayer

was a video game console originally produced by Panasonic inSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

3DO Rating System

a rating system created by The 3DO Company and used on games released for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer in the USA and CanadaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


a command line interpreter, designed to replace the default command interpreter COMMAND.COM in DOSSource: Wikipedia

13 facts

¿Dónde Está La Luz?

the fourth studio album by power metal band WarCry, released on February 1, 2005 (see 2005 in music and 2005 in heavy metal music), and distributed through Avispa MusicSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

¿Dónde Están Corazón?

the first single released by Enrique Iglesias from his compilation album Enrique Iglesias: 95/08 ExitosSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

¿Dónde Están los Ladrones?

the second official studio album by Shakira, released in 1998Source: Wikipedia

7 facts

¿Dónde estás amor de mi vida que no te puedo encontrar?

a 1992 Argentine drama film directed by Juan José Jusid and co-written with Ana María ShuaSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

¿Dónde Estás Corazón?

a song by Colombian musician Shakira, originally released as a single in 1994Source: Wikipedia

4 facts

¿Dónde Iré Yo?

the 7th and final single from Belinda's album BelindaSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

¿Dónde Jugarán las Niñas?

a 1997 album by the Mexican rock band MolotovSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

¿Dónde Jugarán los Niños?

the second studio album (fifth overall) released by Latin American Mexican rock band Maná released in 1992Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

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