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by rock band TrainwreckSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

"Honest Tom" Martin

Thomas Martin , known as "Honest Tom Martin of Palgrave", was an antiquarian and lawyerSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

'Horrible' Ives

Bernard Ives, or Horrible' Ives, as he is known by prisoners and wardens alike, was a character in the popular BBC sitcom PorridgeSource: Wikipedia

5 facts


a 1999 album by British musician David BowieSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?

" That Doggie in the Window?" is a popular novelty song written by Bob Merrill in 1952Source: Wikipedia

9 facts

(How to Be A) Millionaire

" Millionaire" is the first single released off Dance-pop band ABC's 1985 album How to Be a...ZillionaireSource: Wikipedia

3 facts


In contemporary modern English "-holic" is a suffix that can be added to a subject to denote an addiction to itSource: Wikipedia

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in Mildura, VictoriaSource: Wikipedia

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one of 3 commercial radio stations in Hobart, Tasmania, AustraliaSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

@Home Network

a high-speed cable Internet service provider from 1996 to 2002Source: Wikipedia

12 facts


a weekly Spanish-language magazine specializing in celebrity news, published in Spain and widely available in Latin America in local editionsSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

ǂHõã language

is an SVO Subject Verb Object language (see examples in Collins 2001, 2002, 2003)Source: Wikipedia

11 facts

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