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a J-Pop bandSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


Drama CD (Kuon)Source: Wikipedia

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ちりとてちん) , starring Shihori KanjiyaSource: Wikipedia

3 facts


35.1724167,136.9083333Source: Wikipedia

2 facts


born March 2, 2007Source: Wikipedia

1 fact


born February, March 2006Source: Wikipedia

3 facts


Drama CD (Choco)Source: Wikipedia

3 facts


Uni Inoue & Takahiro Mikami at BURNISH STONESource: Wikipedia

1 fact


the East Japan Railway Company Shinkansen operations management systemSource: Wikipedia

2 facts


Tomoji SogawaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


is headquartered in Ōmiya-ku, SaitamaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


and its affiliated Junior College are headquartered in Moroyama, SaitamaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


is headquartered in Hidaka, SaitamaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


is headquartered in Kawaguchi, SaitamaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


is headquartered in Fukaya, SaitamaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


ja:埼玉新聞|Saitama Shinbun}} [] is a paid daily newspaper headquartered in Urawa-ku, Saitama and is serving the prefectureSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


is headquartered in Kazo, SaitamaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


is headquartered in Hanyū, SaitamaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


裂空!学園特捜ヒカルオン|Rekkū! Gakusen Tokusou Hikaruon}} (opening theme)Source: Wikipedia

2 facts


and Urawa University Junior College are located in Midori-ku, SaitamaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


瞳) (2008), starring Nana EikuraSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


Wikipedia: Ageki StationSource: Wikipedia

3 facts


Snorri relates in Gylfaginning that when Thor and Loki visited the boy Þjálfi's family on their way to Jötunheimr, Þjálfi cut open the bone of one of Thor's butchered goats in order to get at the marrowSource: Wikipedia

3 facts


According to the interpolated group of stanzas known as the Short Völuspá in Hyndluljóð, Þjazi is further described as "the giant who loved to shoot"Source: Wikipedia

11 facts

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