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'Mamohato of Lesotho

Bereng Seeiso served as regent (head of state) of Lesotho on three occasions - from 5 June to 5 December 1970, 10 March to 12 November 1990, and 15 January to 7 February 1996Source: Wikipedia

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'Mazing Man

the title character of a comic book series created by Bob Rozakis and Stephen DeStefano and published by DC ComicsSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

(Marcus) Caeionius Proculus

a Suffect Consul of Rome in 289Source: Wikipedia

5 facts

(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame

a song written written by Doc Pomus and Mort ShumanSource: Wikipedia

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were first founded by Manuel Bürkli and Jan Krattiger, when they were an acoustic duo, before coming together with bassist Samuel Burri, pianist Stephan Bader and drummer Lorenz HunzikerSource: Wikipedia

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the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for MoroccoSource: Wikipedia

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a collection of online services and software offered by Apple Inc. Originally and collectively provided as a free service called iTools (and at the time offered exclusively to Mac OS users), .Mac became a subscription-based service with features applSource: Wikipedia

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a generic top-level domain proposed by The Spamhaus Project in 2004, but unapproved by ICANNSource: Wikipedia

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Observations for the Two Micron All-Sky Survey (2MASS) began in 1997 and were completed in 2001 at two telescopes located one each in the northern and southern hemispheres (Mt. Hopkins Arizona and Cerro Tololo/CTIO Chile, respectively) to ensure coveSource: Wikipedia

8 facts


in Mildura, VictoriaSource: Wikipedia

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the name of an AWD four-wheel drive system developed and used by Mercedes-BenzSource: Wikipedia

6 facts


a website made for people to upload, view and share animated films and gamesSource: Wikipedia

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a commercial webmail, mail-server and groupware solution designed by Calacode, located in Sydney, AustraliaSource: Wikipedia

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¡Mamma Mia!

the 9th album by Mexican iconic pop singer Verónica Castro, It was released in 1988 "Bienvenidos Aquí está" is the theme to Verónica Castro's Late night Show of the same nameSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


They are from Miami, FloridaSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

…Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri…

a 1998 album by the one-man Folk Viking metal band FalkenbachSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

…Make You Breathe

Album by the Swedish hard rock band TakidaSource: Wikipedia

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