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"Mengapa Harus Bertengkar"

duet with Dewi YullSource: Wikipedia

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"Metal" Mike Chlasciak

a Polish heavy metal guitarist who has performed with the likes of Halford and Sebastian BachSource: Wikipedia

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Merican is an EP by the punk band the DescendentsSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

(Meet) The Flintstones

a song by The B-52's released as a single off the soundtrack to the film The FlintstonesSource: Wikipedia

4 facts


a chemical notation which indicates that a compound has either an acrylate (CH2=CHCOO-) or a methacrylate (CH2=CMeCOO-) groupSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

(methionine synthase) reductase

a synthase reductase is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction The 3 substrates of this enzyme are synthase-methylcob(I)alamin], S-adenosylhomocysteine, and NADP+, whereas its 4 products are synthase-cob(I)alamin], NADPH, H+, and S-adenosyl-LSource: Wikipedia

6 facts


an Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) that has been assigned to MontenegroSource: Wikipedia

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:MemoryAlpha:Amanda Rogers

Star Trek: The Next Generation character from the episode "True Q"Source: Wikipedia

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the second single from Japanese pop singer Hitomi Shimatani's fifth studio album, Heart&Symphony, and her eighteenth single overall. "~Mermaid~" is described as a mixture between dance, pop, and has some presumably gothic undertones due to the "dark"Source: Wikipedia

3 facts

Ωmega interpreter

a strict pure functional programming interpreter similar to the Hugs Haskell interpreterSource: Wikipedia

7 facts


In a 1992 radio interview Graham Gouldman revealed the background to their reunion: "A couple of years ago, an album came out called Changing Faces, which was the best of 10cc and Godley & CremeSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

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