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a hacker interviewed by Brian Krebs of the Washington Post about his lucrative business in running "botnets", or networks of remotely controlled personal computers without the owner's consentSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

3X Krazy

is an American hip-hop group from Oakland, California whose members are Keak Da Sneak, B.A. and AgermanSource: Wikipedia

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4X game

are a genre of strategy video game where players control an empire and "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate." This term was first used by Alan Emrich in his September 1993 preview of Master of Orion for Computer Gaming WorldSource: Wikipedia

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Atracción x4 or 4x4 is a 2008 Argentine telenovela for teenagers and also adultsSource: Wikipedia

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Casiopea's sixth studio album, released in 1982. Lee Ritenour, Harvey Mason, Nathan East, and Don Grusin participated in the recording of this albumSource: Wikipedia

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4x4 EVO 2

a video game developed by Terminal Reality for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows and Mac OSSource: Wikipedia

24 facts

4x4 Evolution

a video game developed by Terminal Reality for the Windows, Macintosh, PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast platformsSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

4x4 Garage

1987 AMC Eagle, the wagon was the most popular modelSource: Wikipedia

13 facts

4x4 Off-Road Racing

a video game of the racing genre released in 1988 by EpyxSource: Wikipedia

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Cinq fois deuxSource: Wikipedia

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7x33mm Sako

cartridge was created in Finland as a small game cartridge for animals such as the Capercaillie & Black GrouseSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

7x57mm Mauser

cartridge, also known as the 7 mm Mauser, 7x57mm Mauser, 7 mm Spanish Mauser in the USA and .275 Rigby in the United Kingdom, was developed by Mauser as a military cartridge in 1893, initially for use by the military forces of SpainSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

7x61mm Sharpe & Hart

Magnum belted cartridge was developed by Philip B. Sharpe and Richard Hart in the 1950s and based on the .300 H&H Magnum caseSource: Wikipedia

7 facts


a rimless bottlenecked centerfire cartridge developed for huntingSource: Wikipedia

15 facts

7x7 Magazine

a San Francisco-focused fashion, food, and entertainment magazine founded in 2001 by husband and wife Tom and Heather Hartle, who had just moved from DetroitSource: Wikipedia

5 facts


an album released by the Orange County, CA punk rock band The StitchesSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

8x22mm Nambu

a rimless, bottleneck handgun cartridge introduced in Japan in 1904 for the Type A Nambu pistolSource: Wikipedia

5 facts


The Austrian 8x50mmR is an old cartridge dating back to the days of blackpowderSource: Wikipedia

5 facts


cartridge was used by Austria-HungarySource: Wikipedia

4 facts

8x64mm S

a rimless bottlenecked centerfire cartridge developed as a military service round for the German Army who never issued itSource: Wikipedia

14 facts

8x68mm S

This is one of the early examples where a de novo rifle cartridge (the 8x68mm S and 6.5x68mm have no other cartridge as parent case) was developed by a gunsmith to fit a specific popular and widespread type of rifleSource: Wikipedia

17 facts


. was originally founded in 1987 as Integrated Information Technology, Inc., better known as IITSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

9X Generation

a Vietnamese term used to describe people born during the 1990sSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

9x18mm Makarov

a Soviet pistol and submachine gun cartridgeSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

9x19mm Parabellum

Its parent cartridge was the 7.65x22mm Parabellum, itself a descendant of the earlier 7.65x25mm Borchardt cartridgeSource: Wikipedia

15 facts

9x21mm Gyurza

("Blunt-nosed viper") round is a Russian high-powered pistol round designed to defeat body armor that was developed by TsNIITochMash for its SR-1 Pistol and SR-2 sub-machinegunSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

9x21mm IMI

pistol cartridge was designed by Israel Military Industries for those markets where the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge cannot be purchased by civilian users, notably ItalySource: Wikipedia

5 facts

9x25 Dillon

a pistol wildcat cartridge developed by employees working at Dillon Precision for use in USPSA/IPSC Open gunsSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

9x25mm Mauser

a cartridge developed for the Mauser C96 service pistolSource: Wikipedia

5 facts


cartridge is a subsonic rifle round used in Russian firearmsSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

9x57mm Mauser

a cartridge based on the 7.92x57mm MauserSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

9x90mm MEN

a rifle cartridge, used in only one rifle, the HK WSG2000, an anti-material rifleSource: Wikipedia

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