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Anaerobic lagoon also called Lagoon

Anaerobic lagoons are used to dispose of animal waste, particularly that of cows and pigsSource: Wikipedia

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Aerated lagoon also called Lagoon

There are many other biological processes for treatment of wastewaters, for example activated sludge, trickling filters, rotating biological contactors and biofiltersSource: Wikipedia

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Century Child also called Lagoon

the fourth studio album of Finnish quintet Nightwish, released in 2002 by Spinefarm RecordsSource: Wikipedia

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Lagoon Amusement Park also called Lagoon

an amusement park in Farmington, Utah, United States located about seventeen miles (27 km) north of Salt Lake CitySource: Wikipedia

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a top-view action/adventure video game for the Sharp X68000 and Super NES in which Nasir (Nassel, in the Japanese version), Champion of light, must investigate the source of the worlds corrupted water and return peace to LakelandSource: Wikipedia

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a body of comparatively shallow salt or brackish water separated from the deeper sea by a shallow or exposed sandbank, coral reef, or similar featureSource: Wikipedia

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