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Peruvian Linux User Group also called PLUG

is a group of Linux users and enthusiasts in PeruSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Portland Linux/Unix Group also called PLUG

also called the Portland Linux Users Group, is a group of Linux enthusiasts in Portland, OregonSource: Wikipedia

5 facts


a type of solid jewellery that may be worn in stretched piercingsSource: Wikipedia

8 facts


Plugs in horticulture are small-sized seedlings grown in trays from expanded polystyrene or polythene filled usually with a peat substrateSource: Wikipedia

6 facts


Plugs are a popular type of hard-bodied fishing lureSource: Wikipedia

11 facts


a British comic that ran for 76 issues from 24 September 1977 until 24 February 1979, when it merged with The BeezerSource: Wikipedia

6 facts
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