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Walking Purchase also called Purchase

The Walking Treaty or Walking Purchase is the name given to an agreement in 1737 between the Penn family, the proprietors of Pennsylvania and the Lenape (Delaware) tribe of American IndiansSource: Wikipedia

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Gadsden Purchase also called Purchase

National Park ServiceSource: Website

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Alaska purchase also called Purchase

deal between Russia and United States in 1867Source: Wikipedia

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Purchase Records also called Purchase

American small record label started in 2000Source: Wikipedia

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an American Thoroughbred racehorse, was called "The Adonis of the Turf." Walter Vosburgh, the official handicapper for The Jockey Club as well as a turf historian for many years (and for whom the Vosburgh Stakes were named), wroteSource: Wikipedia

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a hamlet of the town of Harrison, in Westchester CountySource: Wikipedia

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Purchasing also called Purchase

refers to a business or organization attempting to acquire goods or services to accomplish the goals of the enterpriseSource: Wikipedia

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Zac Purchase also called Purchase

a British rowerSource: Wikipedia

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SUNY Purchase also called Purchase

is a public liberal, visual, and performing arts college in Purchase, New York, United States, a part of the State University of New York systemSource: Wikipedia

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Louisiana Purchase also called Purchase

the acquisition by the United States of America of 828000 square miles (2,144,510 kmĀ²) of the French territory Louisiane in 1803Source: Wikipedia

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