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Jorge Drexler also called Radar

born Jorge Abner Drexler Prada on September 21, 1964Source: Wikipedia

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The Day the Earth Stood Still also called Radar

a 1951 black-and-white science fiction film that tells the story of a humanoid alien visitor who comes to Earth to warn its leaders to curtail their conflicts or face devastating consequencesSource: Wikipedia

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Radar O'Reilly also called Radar

Corporal “Radar” Walter O’Reilly is a fictional character in the M*A*S*H novels, the film, the television series, the television movie, W*A*L*T*E*R, and two episodes of the series, After MASHSource: Wikipedia

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Underneath the Radar also called Radar

a single by Underworld released in 1988 from the album Underneath the Radar. Big Brother Australia 2006 contestant Danielle Foote also released a cover of the song in 2006 which reached #41 on the ARIA ChartsSource: Wikipedia

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The aims of the Research on Adverse Drug events And Reports (RADAR) Project are to disseminate safety reports for serious adverse drug reactions (sADRs) and to identify barriers to identification and reporting of these clinical eventsSource: Wikipedia

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Home of the Brave also called Radar

the fourth album release by Laurie Anderson, issued in 1986Source: Wikipedia

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Research on Adverse Drug events And Reports also called Radar

a pharmacological organizationSource: Wikipedia

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a system that uses electromagnetic waves to identify the range, altitude, direction, or speed of both moving and fixed objects such as aircraft, ships, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrainSource: Wikipedia

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an American online and print publication, first printed in 2003 as a test-issue and re-launched twice since that date in 2005 and 2006Source: Wikipedia

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a song by American pop singer Britney Spears, written and recorded for her fifth studio album BlackoutSource: Wikipedia

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Radar Records also called Radar

a record labelSource: Wikipedia

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Yes also called Radar

an album by Morphine, released in March 1995Source: Wikipedia

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