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Sentence also called Syntactic category

a grammatical unit of one or more words, bearing minimal syntactic relation to the words that precede or follow itSource: Wikipedia

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Hooliganism also called Category C

refers to unruly and destructive behaviourSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Complete category

a category in which all small limits existSource: Wikipedia

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:Category:National sports teams of Latvia

Category:National sports teams of LatviaSource: Wikipedia

21 facts

Category 4 cable

a description of a cable that consists of four unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) wires with a data rate of 16 Mbit/s and performance of up to 20 MHzSource: Wikipedia

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Syntactic category

either a phrasal category, such as noun phrase or verb phrase, which can be decomposed into smaller syntactic categories, or a lexical category, such as noun or verb, which cannot be further decomposedSource: Wikipedia

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Category of metric spaces

The category Met, first considered by Isbell (1964), has metric spaces as objects and metric maps or short maps as morphismsSource: Wikipedia

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:Category:Old Etonians

a former pupil at Eton College, EnglandSource: Wikipedia

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:Category:National sports teams of Denmark

for sports teams called "Denmark"Source: Wikipedia

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Judo at the 1964 Summer Olympics - Men's open category

The open category was a judo event held as part of the Judo at the 1964 Summer Olympics programmeSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

BBB Category

a ranking for the size of a junior high schoolSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Nominal category

arbitrary characteristicSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Cartesian closed category

a category is cartesian closed if, roughly speaking, any morphism defined on a product of two objects can be naturally identified with a morphism defined on one of the factorsSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Simplicial category

a construction in category theory used to define simplicial and cosimplicial objectsSource: Wikipedia

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Product also called Product category theory

In category theory, the product of two (or more) objects in a category is a notion designed to capture the essence behind constructions in other areas of mathematics such as the cartesian product of sets, the direct product of groups, the direct prodSource: Wikipedia

14 facts

Category 6: Day of Destruction

a 2004 four-hour miniseries that was broadcast in the United States on CBS in two parts, with the first part aired on November 14 and the second on November 17Source: Wikipedia

11 facts

:Category:National sports teams of Finland

teams playing as "Finland"Source: Wikipedia

40 facts

Waldhausen category

A category C is equipped with bifibrations if it has cofibrations and it's opposite category COP has so alsoSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Category utility

a measure of "category goodness" defined in andSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

Free object also called has a clean formulation in terms of category theory

In mathematics, the idea of a free object is one of the basic concepts of abstract algebraSource: Wikipedia

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Differential graded category

especially homological algebra, a differential graded category or DG category for short, is a category whose morphism sets are endowed with the additional structure of a differential graded Z-moduleSource: Wikipedia

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Fibred category

Fibred categories are abstract entities in mathematics used to provide a general framework for descent theorySource: Wikipedia

8 facts

Absolute Category Rating

a test method used in quality testsSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Special nuclear material also called Category two special nuclear material

a term used by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the United States to classify fissile materialsSource: Wikipedia

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