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(on Wiktionary), the forcible robbery from, or seizure of, a vehicle in transitSource: Wikipedia

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facetious plural of box , particularly in computer hacker slang with respect to the term 'box' for a computerSource: Wikipedia

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for a dark skinned personSource: Wikipedia

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- basic interrogative about locationSource: Wikipedia

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Carta marina also called Carta]] [[wikt:marinus

the earliest map of the Nordic countries that gives details and placenamesSource: Wikipedia

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(health) means "to make better" or "to improve upon" most often in context of or in reference to ill health of a person but could also be in reference to healing the land, plant, tree, etcSource: Wikipedia

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wikt:black widow

a human female who has killed one or more of her husband(s)Source: Wikipedia

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can mean negative, unfavorable or undesirable in natureSource: Wikipedia

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wikt:care of

care of", used to address a letter when the letter must pass through an intermediarySource: Wikipedia

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a common derogatory term for a foolish personSource: Wikipedia

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wikt:big wheel

— a big shot. a person of great importanceSource: Wikipedia

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slang expressionSource: Wikipedia

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crap, perhaps a combination of crap and mudSource: Wikipedia

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the actual English wordSource: Wikipedia

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an event that occurs every three yearsSource: Wikipedia

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in Sanskrit as well as other Indian languagesSource: Wikipedia

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a term meaning "nonsense", derived from 19th century American politicsSource: Wikipedia

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wikt:barge in

ref. waterfront clumsiness of barges: example hereSource: Wikipedia

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- cooking techniqueSource: Wikipedia

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bedhead" is the condition of having unkempt hair, generally as a result of having just woken up from sleepSource: Wikipedia

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