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bedhead" is the condition of having unkempt hair, generally as a result of having just woken up from sleepSource: Wikipedia

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Carta marina also called Carta]] [[wikt:marinus

the earliest map of the Nordic countries that gives details and placenamesSource: Wikipedia

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θεά}}, the Greek for "goddess", the feminine of theosSource: Wikipedia

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the Spanish word for ravine or canyonSource: Wikipedia

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wikt:care of

care of", used to address a letter when the letter must pass through an intermediarySource: Wikipedia

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is also a French slang wordSource: Wikipedia

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穆), a Chinese surnameSource: Wikipedia

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crap, perhaps a combination of crap and mudSource: Wikipedia

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for a dark skinned personSource: Wikipedia

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- basic interrogative about locationSource: Wikipedia

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(health) means "to make better" or "to improve upon" most often in context of or in reference to ill health of a person but could also be in reference to healing the land, plant, tree, etcSource: Wikipedia

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a term meaning "nonsense", derived from 19th century American politicsSource: Wikipedia

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- cooking techniqueSource: Wikipedia

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wikt:black widow

a human female who has killed one or more of her husband(s)Source: Wikipedia

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can mean negative, unfavorable or undesirable in natureSource: Wikipedia

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a common derogatory term for a foolish personSource: Wikipedia

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bulletin for their members and by extension, a number of scientific journals have the title of "Bulletin of [subject]"Source: Wikipedia

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wikt:big wheel

— a big shot. a person of great importanceSource: Wikipedia

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Hot Patootie also called Hot [[wikt:patootie|Patootie

-Bless My Soul", known in the USA as "What Ever Happened To Saturday Night?" is the eighth song in the cult musical The Rocky Horror Show and its film counterpart The Rocky Horror Picture ShowSource: Wikipedia

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