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Dolly Buster

Katja-Nora Baumberger , better known as Dolly Buster, is a film producer and director, actress, author, and a former porn starSource: Wikipedia

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Cloudbuster also called Cloud-buster

a fairly simple device, consisting of an array of parallel hollow metal tubes which are connected at the back to a series of flexible hoses of equal size to the parallel tubesSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

Double knee facebreaker also called Spine buster

The wrestler then falls backwards to the mat, thus forcing the opponent to fall forwards and impact the exposed knees. CIMA and his Typhoon stablemates, most notably Susumu Yokosuka, use a double-team variation from a wheelbarrow position called theSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Buster Bros.

also called Pang, is a cooperative two player arcade video game released in 1989 by CapcomSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

Postcards from Buster

also called Buster's Postcards, is a children's television series, containing both animation and live-action that airs on PBS, and is a spin-off of the Arthur cartoon seriesSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Buster Mottram

Christopher ("Buster") Mottram is a former British tennis player, who achieved a highest lifetime ranking of World No. 15Source: Wikipedia

10 facts

The Sweet also called The Sweet featuring Little Willy & Block Buster

the first album to be released in the US by the band SweetSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

Sweet d'Buster

- Sweetd'BusterSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

Buster Goes Berserk

the second album from David Johansen's alter ego Buster Poindexter and his Banshees of Blue, aided by The Uptown HornsSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

John Ardito also called John "Buster" Ardito

a caporegime in the Genovese crime family who worked in the Bronx borough of New YorkSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Buster Brown

Charles Edward "Buster" Brown , was a professional baseball player who played pitcher in the Major Leagues from 1905-1913Source: Wikipedia

7 facts

Buster Posey

Gerald "Buster" Demp Posey III is a catcher in the San Francisco Giants organizationSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

Union busting also called Union buster

World globalization has had a considerable impact on unions, resulting in the offshoring of factories and jobsSource: Wikipedia

22 facts

James Sutherland Brown also called James "Buster" Sutherland Brown

a Canadian military officer best known for drafting a contingency war plan in 1921 to invade and occupy several American border citiesSource: Wikipedia

14 facts

Michael O'Mara Books also called Buster Books

a small, family-run, privately owned publishing house in the United KingdomSource: Wikipedia

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a sport comic magazine published in Sweden 1967 - 2005 and in Finland in 1970s and 1980sSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Bracket buster

as a generic phrase, refers to an American college basketball team, usually from a so-called mid-major school, which upsets a highly-ranked team in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball TournamentSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Block Buster

an illegal firecracker of large size measuring either 2.25" × 1.25" or 2.5" × 1"Source: Wikipedia

4 facts

Edward "Little Buster" Forehand

Little Buster was a celebrated artist in the soul and blues genresSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Cirkus Buster

- 1961Source: Wikipedia

1 fact

Allan Crabb also called Allan "Buster" Crabb

an Australian rules footballer best known for his playing career with Glenelg, SANFL, in the 1940s and 1950sSource: Wikipedia

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