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Roots type supercharger

is a positive displacement pump which operates by pulling air through a pair of meshing lobes not unlike a set of stretched gearsSource: Wikipedia

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Root also called Polynomial roots

In mathematics, a root of a complex-valued function f is a member x of the domain of f such that f(x) vanishes at x, that is, In other words, a "root" of a function f is a value for x that produces a result of zero ("0")Source: Wikipedia

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Nymphaea odorata also called Beaver roots

is a flower belonging to the genus NymphaeaSource: Wikipedia

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Meme hack

altering a meme to express a point of view not intended or inherent in the original, or even opposite to the originalSource: Wikipedia

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Hackers Wanted also called Can You Hack It?

Directed and written by Sam Bozzo, the film explores the origins and nature of hackers and hacking by following the adventures of Adrian Lamo, and contrasting his story with that of controversial figures throughout historySource: Wikipedia

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Positive roots and simple roots

Given a root system Φ we can always choose a set of positive rootsSource: Wikipedia

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Roots rock

a term recently used to describe "a style of rock music that draws material from various American musical traditions including country, blues, and folk." The term is sometimes used in a broader sense to encompass other Americana, including early rockSource: Wikipedia

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Hack value

the notion among hackers that something is worth doing or is interestingSource: Wikipedia

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ESP Grass Roots Series

The ESP Grass Roots brand is a brand that produces guitars solely in the Japanese marketSource: Wikipedia

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an anime installmentSource: Wikipedia

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Street Roots

a biweekly street newspaper published in Portland, Oregon, United StatesSource: Wikipedia

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a 26-episode anime series, animated by studio Bee Train, that makes up one of the storylines of the .hack//G.U. franchise, a sequel to .hackSource: Wikipedia

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has several meanings in the technology and computer science fieldsSource: Wikipedia

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Hunter hack

a type of English pleasure class where exhibitors in Hunt seat tack and attire perform on the flat at a walk, trot, canter and hand gallop, and then jump two low fencesSource: Wikipedia

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Dookie also called Sassafras Roots

the third studio album and the major label debut by American punk rock band Green DaySource: Wikipedia

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a trading card game released in 2003 by Decipher, Inc. The game is based on the .hack anime franchise and fictional universeSource: Wikipedia

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a term used primarily in stand-up comedy, but also sketch comedy, improv comedy, and comedy writing to refer to a joke or premise for a joke that is considered obvious and/or has been frequently used by comedians in the past, particularly by unskilleSource: Wikipedia

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Conscious Roots

released in 2004Source: Wikipedia

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Arlo Guthrie also called American Roots Music

Davy Guthrie is an American folk singerSource: Wikipedia

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Tobacco Root Mountains also called The Tobacco Roots

lie in the northern Rocky Mountains, between the Jefferson and Madison Rivers in southwest MontanaSource: Wikipedia

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…And Out Come the Wolves also called Roots Radicals

Album - Billboard (North America) Singles - Billboard (North America)Source: Wikipedia

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Alternative Roots

an episode of the British comedy television series The GoodiesSource: Wikipedia

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Richard Hack

(March 20 1958) is an American writer best known for his biographical books and screenplaysSource: Wikipedia

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