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Mozilla Firefox also called Mission Bay

is a free and open source web browserSource: Wikipedia

21 facts

OMF International also called China Inland Mission

an interdenominational Protestant Christian missionary society, founded by English missionary Hudson Taylor on 25 June, 1865Source: Wikipedia

14 facts

Louis Torres also called Mission College of Evangelism

Pastor Louis R. Torres is an internationally acclaimed Seventh-day Adventist speaker, author, trainer, and musician from Puerto RicoSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

USS Mission Bay

USS Mission Bay CVE-59

USS Mission Bay CVE-59Source: Wikipedia

7 facts

Surveillance aircraft also called Reconnaissance mission

Such efforts long predate the invention of heavier-than-air flight, with experiments using balloons to provide targeting information for artillery beginning in France in 1794Source: Wikipedia

13 facts

Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission

The Precipitation Radar is the first spaceborne instrument designed to provide three-dimensional maps of storm structureSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

Couples for Christ also called Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation

USA (CFC USA), with headquarters in California, has established local chapters all over the nationSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Jesus Morning Star also called Christian Gospel Mission

a name of the "Providence" religious movement of Korea and JapanSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

Darwin Mission

a proposed European Space Agency (ESA) program designed to directly detect Earth-like planets orbiting nearby stars, and search for evidence of life on these planetsSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

Mission Elapsed Time

used by NASA during their space missions, most notably during their Space Shuttle missionsSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Maru's Mission

an action game released in 1991 by Jaleco for the original Game Boy, it was released in Japan as Hey, Jajamaru! Worldwide Adventure on September 28, 1990Source: Wikipedia

3 facts

Dub Mission

a dub party which occurs weekly on Sunday nights at San Francisco's Elbo Room club in the Mission districtSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Alamo Mission in San Antonio

The Alamo, originally known as Mission San Antonio de Valero, is a former Roman Catholic mission and fortress compound, now a museum, in San Antonio, Texas located at 300 Alamo PlazaSource: Wikipedia

24 facts

The Mission

were a gothic rock band formed in 1986 from the splinters of the freshly-dissolved rock band The Sisters of MercySource: Wikipedia

13 facts

Plan 9 from Mission Hill

the thirteenth and final aired episode of Mission HillSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

Salvation Army also called The Christian Mission

a Christian charity and church that is internally organised like a military serviceSource: Wikipedia

28 facts

San Juan Expedition also called the San Juan Mission or the Hole-In-The-Rock Expedition

a group of Mormon settlers intent on establishing a colony in what is now southeastern Utah, in the western United StatesSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

United Nations Observer Mission Uganda-Rwanda

a peacekeeping mission established by the United Nations from June 1993 to September 1994Source: Wikipedia

6 facts

Mission to America

a novel by American novelist Walter KirnSource: Wikipedia

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