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Christian Social Party

For other parties of the same name, see Christian Social Party The Christian Social Party (CS) (German: Christlichsoziale Partei) was an Austrian political party from 1893 to 1933 and is a predecessor of the contemporary Austrian People's PartySource: Wikipedia

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Christian Social Party

The CSP had only a limited support, which it drew Protestants from lower classesSource: Wikipedia

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Christian Social Party

(PSC-CVP) was a Belgian Catholic political party, which existed from 1944 until 1968Source: Wikipedia

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Christian Social Party

an antisemitic Christian political party in the German Empire, founded in 1878 by Adolf Stoecker as the Christlichsoziale Arbeiterpartei (Christian Social Workers' Party)Source: Wikipedia

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COPEI also called Christian Social Party

- Social Christian Party of Venezuela (Copei, Partido Social Cristiano de Venezuela) is a political party in VenezuelaSource: Wikipedia

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Christian Social Party

a Swiss political party which states its core principles as "living solidarity with the economically disadvantaged and the preservation of the environment." It is inspired by "Christian principles of the value of human life and solidarity." ElementsSource: Wikipedia

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Social Christian Party

Several political parties, past and present have been known as the Social Christian Party or close variants on the nameSource: Wikipedia

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Social Christian Reformist Party

a conservative populist party in the Dominican Republic formed by Joaquín Balaguer and his political heirs in the Dominican RepublicSource: Wikipedia

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Popular Social Christian Party

a 1978 off-shoot of the Social Christian Party is a Nicaraguan political partySource: Wikipedia

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Christian Social People's Party

abbreviated to CSV or PCS, is the largest political party in LuxembourgSource: Wikipedia

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Nicaraguan Social Christian Party

The Social Christian Party is a center-right Nicaraguan political party with Christian democrat ideology founded in 1957Source: Wikipedia

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