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a person who creates an original workSource: Wikipedia

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a legal concept, enacted by governments, giving the creator of an original work of authorship exclusive rights to control its distribution, usually for a limited time, after which the work enters the public domainSource: Wikipedia

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a Canadian alternative rock band, active in the 1990sSource: Wikipedia

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(c. 48), also known as the CDPA, is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which received Royal Assent on 15 November 1988Source: Wikipedia

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Parliamentary copyright

first created in the United Kingdom by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988Source: Wikipedia

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The Uneasy Case for Copyright

A Study of Copyright in Books, Photocopies, and Computer Programs" was an article in the Harvard Law Review by future United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer in 1970, while he was still a legal academicSource: Wikipedia

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Copyright status of work by the U.S. government

as defined by United States copyright law, is "a work prepared by an officer or employee of the U.S. government as part of that person's official duties." The term only applies to the work of the federal government, not state or local governmentsSource: Wikipedia

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Hong Kong copyright law

Copyright law in Hong Kong to a great extent follows the English modelSource: Wikipedia

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Iran and copyright issues

According to Circular 38a of the U.S. Copyright Office, Iran has no official copyright relations whatsoever with the United StatesSource: Wikipedia

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Copyright Kills Culture

a Swedish graffiti/hacker groupSource: Wikipedia

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Copyright infringement of audio-visual works

often referred to as piracy or warez, occurs when unauthorized copies are made of music, movies and similar worksSource: Wikipedia

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Printing patent also called printing privilege was a precursor of modern copyright

an exclusive right to print a work or a class work of worksSource: Wikipedia

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Transfer of Copyright

- usually from author to the publisher upon publication of a paper or bookSource: Wikipedia

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Copyright laws in Greece

are part of the frame of laws which are constantly being adapted to the guidelines of the European UnionSource: Wikipedia

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Limitations and exceptions to copyright

The expression "limitations and exceptions to copyright" refers to situations in which the exclusive rights granted to authors, or their assignees under copyright law do not applySource: Wikipedia

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Christian Copyright Licensing International

a privately owned company that was founded in the US in 1988 by Howard Rachinski, who is the President/CEOSource: Wikipedia

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Copyright Renewal Act of 1992

an act of Congress, enacted to reverse the longstanding requirement under US law that a second term of copyright protection is contingent on a renewal registration with the Library of CongressSource: Wikipedia

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Creative Commons also called Founders' Copyright

(CC) is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to shareSource: Wikipedia

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Family Entertainment and Copyright Act

a federal legislative act regarding copyright that became law in the United States in 2005Source: Wikipedia

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Anti-copyright notice

a specific statement that is added to a work in order to encourage wide distributionSource: Wikipedia

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