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Earth 2

a short-lived science fiction television series which aired on NBC from November 6, 1994 to June 4, 1995Source: Wikipedia

11 facts

Earth 2

the first full-length studio album by drone doom band EarthSource: Wikipedia

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Quenya also called Middle Earth/Quenya

one of the fictional languages spoken by the Elves (the Quendi, "those who speak with voices" because when they first awoke they were the only creatures they knew who used words to speak), in the fantasy works of J. R. R. TolkienSource: Wikipedia

21 facts

Aragorn also called Middle Earth/Aragorn

a character in the novel The Lord of the RingsSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

Earth lodge

a semi-subterranean building covered partially or completely with earth, best known from the Native American cultures of the Great Plains and Eastern WoodlandsSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

Himmelskibet also called 400 Million Miles from Earth

Excelsior / A Trip to Mars / Der Himmelschiffis a 1918 Danish film about a trip to MarsSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

Visitation also called Earth laid upon a corpse

, in the United States and Canada, a funeral custom where a mourner visits the deceased person's family and views the body lying in the casket, either at a funeral home or churchSource: Wikipedia

16 facts

Earth leakage circuit breaker

a safety device used in electrical installations with high earth impedance to prevent shockSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Year also called Earth years

the time between two recurrences of an event related to the orbit of the Earth around the SunSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

Chernozem also called "black land" or "black earth"

very fertile and produces a high agricultural yieldSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

Earth's field NMR

The resonant frequencies and signal strengths are proportional to the strength of the applied magnetic fieldSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

Territories in The Pendragon Adventure also called Second Earth

This is a list of territories in D. J. MacHale's Pendragon series of fantasy novelsSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

Organism also called Life on Earth

The term "organism" (Greek ὀργανισμός - organismos, from Ancient Greek ὄργανον - organon "organ, instrument, tool") first appeared in the English language in 1701 and took on its current definition by 1834 (Oxford English DictionarSource: Wikipedia

35 facts

Sporadic E propagation also called Es is an unusual form of radio propagation utilizing characteristics of the earth's ionosphere

Whereas most forms of sky-wave propagation use the normal and cyclic ionization properties of the ionosphere's F region to refract (or "bounce") radio signals back toward the earth's surface, sporadic E propagation bounces signals off of smaller "cloSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

Diatomaceous earth

The typical chemical composition of diatomaceous earth is 86% silica, 5% sodium, 3% magnesium and 2% ironSource: Wikipedia

19 facts

New Earth Mud

the solo debut album of Chris RobinsonSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

Whole Earth Catalog

an American counterculture catalog that granted "Access to Tools" published by Stewart Brand between 1968 and 1972, and occasionally thereafter, until 1998. Apple Inc. founder and entrepreneur Steve Jobs has described the Catalog as the conceptual foSource: Wikipedia

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Cursed Earth

a part of the fictional universe from the Judge Dredd series that appears in the UK comic book 2000 ADSource: Wikipedia

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