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position in cricketSource: Wikipedia

19 facts


(cricket), the action of fielders collecting the ball in cricketSource: Wikipedia

3 facts


a town in Box Elder County, Utah, United StatesSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Helen Fielding

an English author, best known as the author of the novel Bridget Jones's Diary (winner of the 1998 British Book of the Year award) and its sequel Bridget Jones: The Edge Of ReasonSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Lavina Fielding Anderson

a Latter Day Saint scholar, writer, editor, and feministSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

Fidelia Fielding

the last native speaker of the Mohegan Pequot languageSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Wiley Rein also called Wiley Rein & Fielding

a Washington, D.C. law firm founded in 1983 under the name Wiley, Johnson and ReinSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Fielding Gray

Volume IV of the novel sequence Alms for Oblivion by Simon Raven, published in 1967Source: Wikipedia

4 facts

Jerry Fielding

(born June 17, 1922, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - died February 17, 1980, Toronto, Ontario from a heart attack followed by congestive heart failure, was an American radio, record, film and television composer, conductor, and musical directorSource: Wikipedia

13 facts

Night Court also called Dan Fielding

an American television situation comedy that aired on NBC from January 1984 until May 1992Source: Wikipedia

10 facts

Streets of Rage also called Blaze Fielding

a side-scrolling beat 'em up released by Sega in 1991 for the Sega Mega Drive/GenesisSource: Wikipedia

16 facts

Fielding restrictions

different fielding restrictions are imposed depending on the type of matchSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

Axel Stone also called Blaze Fielding

a character from the Streets of Rage video game seriesSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

Sarah Fielding

a British author and sister of the novelist Henry FieldingSource: Wikipedia

10 facts

Fielding Yost

an American football coach best known for his long tenure at the University of MichiganSource: Wikipedia

17 facts

Harry Fielding Reid

born on May 18, 1859 in Baltimore, Maryland, † June 18, 1944 in BaltimoreSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Norm Cash also called led the AL in assists three times and fielding percentage twice

Norman Dalton Cash was an American first baseman in Major League Baseball who spent almost his entire career with the Detroit TigersSource: Wikipedia

13 facts

Wally Fielding

a professional footballer from 1945 until 1960Source: Wikipedia

7 facts

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