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Finland also called Finnish

officially the Republic of Finland, is a Nordic country situated in the Fennoscandian region of northern EuropeSource: Wikipedia

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Ahven class minesweeper also called Finnish minesweeper Ahven

The Ahven class minesweepers was a series of six minesweepers of the Finnish NavySource: Wikipedia

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130 53 TK also called 130 TK is a Finnish stationary

The caliber is 130 mm. 130 53 TK is the main weapon of the Finnish coastal artillerySource: Wikipedia

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Monarchy of Finland also called Finnish Royal Family

In 1742, following the Russian occupation of Finland in the Russo-Swedish War (1741–1743) and vague promises of making the country independent, the four estates gathered in Turku and decided to ask the Empress Elisabeth if the then Duke Peter of HoSource: Wikipedia

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Lutheranism also called Finnish priests

a major branch of Western Christianity that identifies with the teachings of the sixteenth-century German reformer Martin LutherSource: Wikipedia

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Ingrian Finns also called Ingrian Finnish

were the Finnish rural peasant population of Ingria (now the central part of Leningrad Oblast)Source: Wikipedia

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Finnish mythology

that of the Finnish people, has many features shared with fellow Finnic Estonian mythology and its non-Finnic neighbours, the Balts and the ScandinaviansSource: Wikipedia

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Mandatory Swedish also called Mandatory Finnish

Swedish is a mandatory school subject for Finnish-speaking pupils from the 7th through 9th grade (13/14 to 15/16-year-olds)Source: Wikipedia

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Finnish American

An annual festival is held to celebrate Finnish heritageSource: Wikipedia

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Finnish immigration to North America

Most Finnish migrants had planned to stay only a few years in North America, and then to return to their native land once they had become richSource: Wikipedia

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Finnish Democratic Republic

a short-lived government dependent on and only recognised by the Soviet UnionSource: Wikipedia

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Finnish III Corps

The III Corps (III Armeijakunta) was a unit of the Finnish Army during the Winter WarSource: Wikipedia

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Sorbus hybrida also called Finnish whitebeam

a species of whitebeam native to Scandinavia in Norway, eastern Sweden, and southwestern Finland, and locally in the Baltic States in LatviaSource: Wikipedia

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Finnish alphabet

based on the Latin alphabet, and especially its Swedish extensionSource: Wikipedia

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Television in Finland also called Finnish television

This is a list of television channels broadcasting to Finnish- and Swedish-language audiences in FinlandSource: Wikipedia

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Evacuation of Finnish Karelia

the resettlement of the population of Finnish Karelia and other territories ceded by Finland to the Soviet Union into the remaining parts of FinlandSource: Wikipedia

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Finnish 3rd Division

The 3rd Division (3.Divisioona) was a unit of the Finnish Army during the Continuation WarSource: Wikipedia

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Finnish submarine AG 12

a Russian submarine of Holland 602GF/602L type , which served in the Gulf of Finland during the first World WarSource: Wikipedia

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Finnish Metal Expo

The Finnish Metal Awards, different kind of clinics, interview sessions, signing sessions and competitions are also part of the happeningSource: Wikipedia

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Raseborg also called Raasepori in Finnish

is a new town in Finland to be created on January 1, 2009, when the municipalities of Ekenäs, Karis and Pohja are united into a single townSource: Wikipedia

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