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internationally known for its urban designSource: Wikipedia

16 facts

Little Orphan Millie also called Norbert Van Houten

the sixth episode of The Simpsons nineteenth season and was first broadcast on November 11, 2007Source: Wikipedia

7 facts

Carice van Houten

Carice Anouk van Houten is a Dutch stage and film actressSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

1673 van Houten

(1937 TH) is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on October 11, 1937 by K. Reinmuth at HeidelbergSource: Wikipedia

2 facts

John Van Houten

an American orchestral tuba playerSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Elhaym Van Houten

nicknamed Elly, is a young skilled officer of Gebler who meets Fei in the forest near Lahan VillageSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Jelka van Houten

a Dutch actress of film, stage, and television, though she is perhaps best known for being the sister of fellow actress Carice van HoutenSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Luann also called Van Houten family

voiced by Maggie RoswellSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Kirk also called Van Houten family

sometimes called Milhouse's Dad is voiced by Hank AzariaSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Leslie Van Houten

Leslie Louise Van Houten is a former member of Charles Manson's "Family" who was convicted of the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBiancaSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

Van Houten family

(pronounced /vænˈhaʊtən/) is a family in the animated television series The SimpsonsSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Cornelis Johannes van Houten

a Dutch astronomer, sometimes referred to as Kees van HoutenSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

Mijn houten hart

a song from the Poema'sSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

Coenraad Johannes van Houten

a Dutch chocolate maker known for introducing a method for pressing the fat from roasted cacao beans to create cocoa powderSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

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