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James Madison High School

a public high school located at 3787 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, and educates grades 9 through 12Source: Wikipedia

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James Madison High School

a high school located in unincorporated Fairfax County, Virginia, adjacent to the town limits of Vienna, and is part of Fairfax County Public Schools. Oakton High School is highlight" style="background-color:#ffff66;">James highlight" style="background-color:#ff9999;">Madison High School's main rival, although other rivals include LangleySource: Wikipedia

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James Madison High School

is a public secondary school located at 3000 Martin L. King Boulevard in south Dallas, Texas (USA)Source: Wikipedia

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Madison High School also called James Madison High School

highlight" style="background-color:#ff9999;">Madison is a name for several high schools in North America, includingSource: Wikipedia

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