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Meigs High School

a public high school in Pomeroy, Ohio, United StatesSource: Wikipedia

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Fort Meigs

a fortification along the Maumee River in Ohio during the War of 1812Source: Wikipedia

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Treaty of Fort Meigs

also called the Treaty of the Foot of the Rapids, was signed September 29, 1817 between the chiefs and warriors of the Wyandot, Seneca, Delaware, Shawnee, Potawatomi, Ottawa and Chippewa, tribes of native americans and the United States of America, rSource: Wikipedia

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Merrill C. Meigs

the executive of the Chicago Herald and Examiner in the 1920sSource: Wikipedia

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Josiah Meigs

an American academic, journalist and government officialSource: Wikipedia

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Mount Meigs

a city located in Montgomery County in the state of AlabamaSource: Wikipedia

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Meigs Field

was a single strip airport built on Northerly Island, the man-made peninsula that also sited the 1933-1934 Century of Progress in Chicago, IllinoisSource: Wikipedia

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Steven Ford also called Steven Meigs Ford

an American actorSource: Wikipedia

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a city in Thomas and Mitchell counties in the U.S. state of GeorgiaSource: Wikipedia

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Cornelia Meigs

born on December 6, 1884Source: Wikipedia

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Siege of Fort Meigs

took place during the War of 1812 in northwestern OhioSource: Wikipedia

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Montgomery M. Taylor also called Montgomery Meigs Taylor

an admiral in the United States Navy who served as Commander in Chief, United States Asiatic Fleet (CINCAF) from 1931 to 1933Source: Wikipedia

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Return Jonathan Meigs

the name ofSource: Wikipedia

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Charles Delucena Meigs

Dr. Charles Delucena Meigs, an American obstetrician, was born on February 19, 1792, in St. George, BermudaSource: Wikipedia

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Meigs Township

one of the fifteen townships of Adams County, Ohio, United StatesSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

Henry Meigs

the Mayor of Bayonne, New Jersey from 1869 to 1879Source: Wikipedia

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Montgomery C. Meigs

(pronounced /ˈmɛɡz/) was a career United States Army officer, civil engineer, construction engineer for a number of facilities in Washington, D.C., and Quartermaster General of the U.S. Army during and after the American Civil WarSource: Wikipedia

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Meigs County

the name of two counties in the United StatesSource: Wikipedia

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