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a provincial electoral district in the province of Quebec, Canada Situated in the Chaudiere-Appalaches and Estrie regions, the that district existed from 1867 to after the 1970 elections when it was split into two new ridingsSource: Wikipedia

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a provincial electoral district in the province of Quebec, CanadaSource: Wikipedia

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a village and commune in the Loiret département of northern-central FranceSource: Wikipedia

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a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons since 1867Source: Wikipedia

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a provincial electoral district in Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of QuebecSource: Wikipedia

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Saint-Georges de Beauce

a city in the province of QuebecSource: Wikipedia

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Lac-à-Beauce Water Aerodrome

is located on Lac-à-Beauce, Quebec, Canada and is open from May until the middle of NovemberSource: Wikipedia

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Beauce Jaros

were a minor professional ice hockey team from Saint-Georges, Quebec, located in the "Beauce" of the provinceSource: Wikipedia

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La Nouvelle-Beauce Regional County Municipality

La Nouvelle-Beauce is a regional county municipality in central-eastern Quebec, CanadaSource: Wikipedia

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a major geographic region located south of Quebec City in the province of QuebecSource: Wikipedia

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