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Lisp programming language also called LISP

a family of computer programming languages with a long history and a distinctive, fully parenthesized syntaxSource: Wikipedia

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a speech impediment, historically also known as sigmatismSource: Wikipedia

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Lisp in Small Pieces also called LiSP

a book by Christian Queinnec on Lisp, Scheme and other related dialects, their interpretation, semantics, and compilation and contains code for 11 interpreters and 2 compilersSource: Wikipedia

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Flavor also called Flavors lisp

and is determined mainly by the chemical senses of taste and smellSource: Wikipedia

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Embeddable Common Lisp

ECL is a free Common Lisp implementation aimed at producing a small-footprint Lisp system that can be embedded into existing C-based applicationsSource: Wikipedia

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Vax Common Lisp

VAX LISP was an implementation of Common Lisp for VMS and ULTRIX on 32-bit VAXsSource: Wikipedia

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Ceceo also called Castilian lisp

In Spanish dialectology, the terms ceceo, seseo and distinción are used to describe the opposition between dialects that distinguish the phonemes (IPA: /θ/) and (IPA: /s/), and those that have merged the two sounds into either (IPA: /s/) (seseo) orSource: Wikipedia

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Gay lisp

not a technical lisp, but refers to stereotypical speech attributes assigned to and sometimes heard in gay malesSource: Wikipedia

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Common Lisp Music

a music synthesis and signal processing package in the Music V family created by Bill SchottstaedtSource: Wikipedia

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Steel Bank Common Lisp

a free Common Lisp implementation that features a high performance native compiler, Unicode support and threadingSource: Wikipedia

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GNU Common Lisp

the GNU Project's Common Lisp compiler, an evolutionary development of Kyoto Common LispSource: Wikipedia

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S-1 Lisp

an Lisp implementation written in Lisp for the 36-bit pipelined S-1 Mark IIA supercomputer computer architecture, which has 32 megawords of RAMSource: Wikipedia

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Clos also called Common Lisp Object System

the facility for object-oriented programming which is part of ANSI Common LispSource: Wikipedia

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Common Lisp Interface Manager

a Common Lisp-based programming interface for creating user interfaces - i.e., GUIsSource: Wikipedia

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NIL also called Nil lisp

a 32-bit implementation of Lisp developed at MIT and intended to be the successor to MacLispSource: Wikipedia

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Spice Lisp

a Lisp compiler implementation of Common Lisp, originally written by CMU's Spice Lisp Group which targeted the microcode of the 16-bit PERQ workstation and its Accent operating systemSource: Wikipedia

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Franz Lisp

written at UC Berkeley by the students of Professor Richard J. Fateman, was a Lisp system based largely on Maclisp, but written specifically to be a host for running the Macsyma computer algebra system on a Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) VAXSource: Wikipedia

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RPL also called Reverse Polish LISP

a handheld calculator system and application programming language used on Hewlett-Packard's engineering graphing RPN calculators of the HP-28, HP-48, and HP-49 seriesSource: Wikipedia

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