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in both computer science and information science is a formal representation of a set of concepts within a domain and the relationships between those conceptsSource: Wikipedia

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In philosophy, ontology is the study of the nature of being, existence, or reality in general and of its basic categories and their relationsSource: Wikipedia

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the study of the nature of being, existence, or reality in general and of its basic categories and their relationsSource: Wikipedia

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Web Ontology Language

a markup language for publishing and sharing data using ontologies on the World Wide WebSource: Wikipedia

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General Formal Ontology

an upper ontology integrating processes and objectsSource: Wikipedia

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RNA Ontology Consortium

an international organization whose purpose is to create a standard vocabulary for studying ribonucleic acidSource: Wikipedia

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Ontology alignment

is the process of determining correspondences between conceptsSource: Wikipedia

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Ontology double articulation

The notion of Ontology Double Articulation refers to a methodological principle in ontology engineeringSource: Wikipedia

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Kdd Ontology

As data mining applications became more popular, organizations providing KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Database) services have accumulated a growing number of stored documents and processes of their past projectsSource: Wikipedia

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Cell Cycle Ontology

- A formal ontology for describing the cell cycle processSource: Wikipedia

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National Center for Biomedical Ontology

a consortium of biologists, clinicians, informaticians, and ontologists who develop innovative technology and methods designed to allow scientists to create, disseminate, and manage biomedical information and knowledge in machine-processable formSource: Wikipedia

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Applied Ontology

involves the practical application of ontological conceptsSource: Wikipedia

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Fundamental ontology

The project of 'fundamental ontology' appeared as a result of Heideggers decision to re-interpret phenomenology, which he had developed earlier in collaboration with his mentor Husserl, using a neat set of ontological categoriesSource: Wikipedia

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Platonic ideal also called Plato's ontology

The phrase Platonic idealism usually refers to Plato's theory of forms or doctrine of ideas, the exact philosophical meaning of which is perhaps one of the most disputed questions in higher academic philosophySource: Wikipedia

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Ontology chart

The case study used here to illustrate the transformation process is a slight adaptation of the case used by Bonacin et al 2004Source: Wikipedia

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Quantum ontology

based on the idea that the underlying reality of quantum mechanics fundamentally alters the nature of mankind's (and, by extension, any other sentient race's) ontological existenceSource: Wikipedia

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Guerrilla ontology

a practice described by Robert Anton Wilson as a method of dealing with people with extremely fixed worldviews, such as religious fundamentalists and economic materialistsSource: Wikipedia

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Ontology merging

defines the act of bringing together two conceptually divergent ontologies or the instance data associated to two ontologiesSource: Wikipedia

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Soft ontology

coined by Eli Hirsch in 1993, refers to the embracing or reconciling of apparent ontological differences, by means of relevant distinctions and contextual analysesSource: Wikipedia

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Being and Nothingness also called Being and Nothingness: A Phenomenological Essay on Ontology

sometimes subtitled A Phenomenological Essay on Ontology, is a 1943 philosophical treatise by Jean-Paul Sartre that is regarded as the beginning of the growth of existentialism in the 20th centurySource: Wikipedia

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Multimedia Web Ontology Language

has been designed to facilitate semantic interactions with multimedia contentsSource: Wikipedia

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Formal ontology

an ontology with a structure that is guided and defined through axiomsSource: Wikipedia

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Ontology based data integration

involves the use of ontology(s) to effectively combine data and/or information from multiple heterogeneous sourcesSource: Wikipedia

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