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in both computer science and information science is a formal representation of a set of concepts within a domain and the relationships between those conceptsSource: Wikipedia

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In philosophy, ontology is the study of the nature of being, existence, or reality in general and of its basic categories and their relationsSource: Wikipedia

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the study of the nature of being, existence, or reality in general and of its basic categories and their relationsSource: Wikipedia

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Web Ontology Language

a markup language for publishing and sharing data using ontologies on the World Wide WebSource: Wikipedia

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Online Presence Ontology

The OPO is an ontology which aims to model the dynamic aspects of a user’s presence online and to enable exchange of the Online Presence dataSource: Wikipedia

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Quantum ontology

based on the idea that the underlying reality of quantum mechanics fundamentally alters the nature of mankind's (and, by extension, any other sentient race's) ontological existenceSource: Wikipedia

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Being and Nothingness also called Being and Nothingness: A Phenomenological Essay on Ontology

sometimes subtitled A Phenomenological Essay on Ontology, is a 1943 philosophical treatise by Jean-Paul Sartre that is regarded as the beginning of the growth of existentialism in the 20th centurySource: Wikipedia

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Formal ontology

an ontology with a structure that is guided and defined through axiomsSource: Wikipedia

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Ontology editor

Ontology editors are applications designed to assist in the creation or manipulation of ontologiesSource: Wikipedia

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Soft ontology

coined by Eli Hirsch in 1993, refers to the embracing or reconciling of apparent ontological differences, by means of relevant distinctions and contextual analysesSource: Wikipedia

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Suggested Upper Merged Ontology

originally developed by the Teknowledge Corporation and now is maintained by Articulate SoftwareSource: Wikipedia

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Large Scale Concept Ontology for Multimedia

project was a series of workshops held from April 2004 to September 2006 for the purpose of defining a standard formal vocabulary for the annotation and retrieval of videoSource: Wikipedia

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Agricultural Ontology Service

shall serve as a reference initiative that structures and standardises agricultural terminology in multiple languages for use of any number of systems in the agricultural domain and provide several servicesSource: Wikipedia

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Object oriented design ontology

[] is a hierarchical structure of design constructsSource: Wikipedia

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Core ontology

a very basic and minimal ontology consisting only of the minimal concepts required to understand the other conceptsSource: Wikipedia

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Ontology double articulation

The notion of Ontology Double Articulation refers to a methodological principle in ontology engineeringSource: Wikipedia

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Kdd Ontology

As data mining applications became more popular, organizations providing KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Database) services have accumulated a growing number of stored documents and processes of their past projectsSource: Wikipedia

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Plant ontology

a set of controlled vocabularies (ontologies), developed by the Plant Ontology ConsortiumSource: Wikipedia

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Ontology Inference Layer

can be regarded as an Ontology infrastructure for the Semantic WebSource: Wikipedia

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National Center for Biomedical Ontology

a consortium of biologists, clinicians, informaticians, and ontologists who develop innovative technology and methods designed to allow scientists to create, disseminate, and manage biomedical information and knowledge in machine-processable formSource: Wikipedia

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Cognitive ontology

ontology which begins from features of human cognition directly, as opposed to its collective summary which is reflected in languageSource: Wikipedia

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Ontology chart

The case study used here to illustrate the transformation process is a slight adaptation of the case used by Bonacin et al 2004Source: Wikipedia

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