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Title 47 CFR Part 15 also called Part 15

In the U.S., Part 15 is an often-quoted section of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations, mainly regarding unlicensed transmissionsSource: Wikipedia

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Guillotine also called "became a part of popular culture

German Fallbeil of 1854, MunichHistoric replica 1:6 scale

German Fallbeil of 1854, MunichHistoric replica 1:6 scaleSource: Wikipedia

19 facts

ISDN User Part

specified by the ITU-T as part of the Q.76x series, ANSI (T1.113-YEAR) and Telcordia former Bellcore GR-246 seriesSource: Wikipedia

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Republic of Ireland also called The good part of ireland

Ireland (Irish: Éire, ) is a country in north-western EuropeSource: Wikipedia

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Canterbury scene also called Canterburyany part Sound

a term used to loosely describe the group of progressive rock, avant-garde and jazz musicians, many of whom were based around the city of Canterbury, Kent, England during the late 1960s and early 1970sSource: Wikipedia

12 facts

Cream Lemon also called Cream Lemon: Don't Do It Mako! Mako Sexy Symphony Part I

(OAV): "To Moriyama Special II: Afterschool XXX"Source: Wikipedia

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Mark Hoppus also called confirmed to be a part of the 2008 film

Hoppus was one of the founding members of the pop punk band Blink-182 and the pop punk/alternative band +44Source: Wikipedia

15 facts

Interconnect User Part

specified in document PNO-ISC/SPEC/006Source: Wikipedia

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Advanced Audio Coding also called MPEG-2 Part 7

The MPEG-2 standard contains several audio coding methods, including the MP3 coding schemeSource: Wikipedia

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Drum kit also called Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity Part 2

a collection of drums, cymbals and sometimes other percussion instruments, such as cowbells, wood blocks, triangles, chimes, or tambourines, arranged for convenient playing by a single drummerSource: Wikipedia

15 facts

Waesli also called Warculus is a Somali clan that is part of the Abgaal of the Hawiye clan

As the Ceeldheer in Galguduud region, Harardheere in Mudug region and southern regionsSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

'Til Death Do Us Part

Til Death Do Us Part is a miniseries on ABS-CBN starring Kristine Hermosa and her former husband Diether OcampoSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Condominium also called Part-owner

the legal term used in the United States and in most provinces of CanadaSource: Wikipedia

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Robots also called Part Time Model

a 2005 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Blue Sky Studios for 20th Century Fox (the same companies behind the film Ice Age), and was released theatrically (both in normal theaters and in IMAX theaters) on March 11 2005Source: Wikipedia

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Xiphoid process also called the xiphisternum is a small cartilaginous extension to the lower part of the sternum which is usually ossified in the adult human

By age 15 to 29, the xiphoid usually fuses to the body of the sternum with a fibrous jointSource: Wikipedia

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Hoist also called Axilla Part II

the seventh studio album by the jam band PhishSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

The Remote Part

the third full-length studio album by Scottish rock band Idlewild, released July 15, 2002 to widespread critical acclaimSource: Wikipedia

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Crédit Agricole also called part of the CAC 40 stock market index

(CASA) is the largest retail banking group in France, second largest in Europe and the eighth largest in the world by Tier 1 capital according to The Banker magazineSource: Wikipedia

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