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Russian language also called Russian

the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia, the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages, and the largest native language in EuropeSource: Wikipedia

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Rossiysky also called Russian

(masculine), Rossiyskaya (feminine), or Rossiyskoye (neuter), all meaning Russian,Source: Wikipedia

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Russians also called Russian

a song by Sting, from his debut solo album, The Dream of the Blue TurtlesSource: Wikipedia

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The Russian also called Russian

Marvel Comics fictional villain created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon to become an assassin during the Punisher's relaunch in November 2000Source: Wikipedia

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refers to anything related to Russia, includingSource: Wikipedia

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Spetsnaz also called Russian specail purpose regiments

Russian special forces (Spetsnaz) can refer to any élite or special purpose units under subordination of the Federal Security Service (FSB) or Internal Troops of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the units controlled by the military intelligSource: Wikipedia

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TP-82 also called TP-82 Russian Space Pistol

pistol is a triple-barreled Soviet firearm that was carried by cosmonauts on space missionsSource: Wikipedia

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Mongolian language also called spoken in some areas in the Russian Far East and Kyrgyzstan

the best-known member of the Mongolic language family and the language of most of the residents of Mongolia, where it is officially written with the Cyrillic alphabet and of around three million Mongolian speakers in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous RegSource: Wikipedia

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Russian nobility

The Russian word for nobility, Dvoryanstvo (дворянство), derives from the Russian word dvor (двор), meaning the Court of a prince or duke (kniaz) and later, of the tsarSource: Wikipedia

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Aeroflot Flight 593 also called Russian International Airlines Flight 593

an accident on March 23 1994 in which a "Russian Airlines" Airbus A310-304 passenger airliner, registration F-OGQS, operating on behalf of Aeroflot, crashed into a hillside in SiberiaSource: Wikipedia

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Obtshak also called "Common treasury" is an alliance of the Estonian mafia and the Russian mafia

an umbrella organization, providing arbitration and monopolizing the mafia business, in e.gSource: Wikipedia

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Orthodoxy also called Russian Orthodoxy

The word orthodox, from Greek orthodoxos "having the right opinion," from orthos ("right, true, straight") + doxa ("opinion, praise", related to dokein, "thinking"), is typically used to mean adhering to the accepted or traditional and established faSource: Wikipedia

14 facts

Little Russia also called Little Russian

As the area and its people underwent a significant stage of the nation-building in the last hundred years, the term, even in the historic context, can only loosely be considered as merely a contemporary equivalent for the proper modern terms such asSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster

Of the five species kept commonly as pets, only the Campbells and Winter Whites are able to interbreed and produce live offspring (hybrids)Source: Wikipedia

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Georgia within the Russian Empire

Between 1801 and 1918 the country of Georgia was part of the Russian EmpireSource: Wikipedia

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Old East Slavic also called Old Russian language

was a vernacular literary language used from the 10th to the 14th centuries by East Slavs in Kievan Rus' and states which formed after its collapse. Dialects of it were spoken, though not exclusively, roughly in the area today occupied by the EuropeaSource: Wikipedia

14 facts

Russian State Archive of Contemporary History

In 1992 Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky worked in the archive and secretly scanned copies of some documentsSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Mil Mi-17 also called the Mi-8M series in Russian service

Mi-8AMT ;Mi-8AMT(Sh) ;Mi-8MT ;Mi-8MTV ;Mi-8MTV-1 ;Mi-8MTV-2 ;Mi-8MTV-3 ;Mi-8MTV-5 ;Mi-8MTV-5-Ga ;Mi-8MTO ;Mi-8MTPB (NATO - Hip-H EW) ;Mi-8AMTSh (for export - Mi-171Sh) ;Mi-17 (NATO - Hip-H) ;Mi-17-1M ;Mi-17-IV ;Mi-17-IVA ;Mi-17MD ;Mi-17KF ;Mi-17P ;MiSource: Wikipedia

16 facts

Immanuel Kant State University of Russia also called Kant Russian State University

Russian: Университет Канта, Universitet KantaSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

Paraguay–Russia relations also called Paraguayan-Russian relations

are foreign relations between Paraguay and RussiaSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

Russian National Standards

Russian national technical standards are developed under the auspices of the Russia's Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rostekhregulirovaniye)Source: Wikipedia

5 facts

Russian lacquer art

developed from the art of icon painting which came to an end with the collapse of Imperial RussiaSource: Wikipedia

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BBC Russian Service

part of the BBC World Service's foreign language output, one of 33 languages it providesSource: Wikipedia

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Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography also called State Russian Institute of Cinematography

The All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov is a film school in MoscowSource: Wikipedia

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