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6th Ave also called Sixth Avenue

In the U.S. state of Colorado U.S. Route 6 overlaps many different highways throughout ColoradoSource: Wikipedia

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Sixth Avenue

a major avenue in Tacoma, Washington, which throughout a large portion of the city provides the division between the north and south numbered streetsSource: Wikipedia

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Sixth Avenue

a major avenue in New York City's borough of ManhattanSource: Wikipedia

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Sixth Avenue MRT Station

The station will serve the Bukit Timah corridor at the junction between Bukit Timah Road and Sixth Avenue, the commercial areas in the vicinity, and is close to the road access to Turf CitySource: Wikipedia

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Sixth Avenue Line

any of the following transit linesSource: Wikipedia

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IND Sixth Avenue Line

The Sixth Avenue Line is a rapid transit line of the B Division of the New York City Subway in the United StatesSource: Wikipedia

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Sixth Avenue Electronics

a retail chain selling electronics and accessories, with stores in New Jersey and New YorkSource: Wikipedia

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F also called F Sixth Avenue Local

a rapid transit service of the New York City SubwaySource: Wikipedia

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32 Avenue of the Americas also called 32 Sixth Avenue

the former AT&T Long Lines headquarters Building in New York CitySource: Wikipedia

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IRT Sixth Avenue Line

often called the Sixth Avenue Elevated or Sixth Avenue El, was the second elevated railway in Manhattan in New York City, following the Ninth Avenue ElevatedSource: Wikipedia

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