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Sweden also called Swedish

officially the Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish: ˈsvær:.jə), is a Nordic country on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern EuropeSource: Wikipedia

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Anything from or related to Sweden, a country in Northern Europe (see List of Sweden-related topics)Source: Wikipedia

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Swedish-Argentines also called Swedish

took place principally in the mid to late 19th century, when Swedish people arrived in ArgentinaSource: Wikipedia

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British Swedish also called Swedish

a phenomenon that has been occurring for nearly 1,500 yearsSource: Wikipedia

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Swedish-Americans also called Swedish

are Americans of Swedish descent, most often related to the large groups of immigrants from Sweden in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth centurySource: Wikipedia

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Swedish-Canadian also called Swedish

refers to a naturalized Canadian citizen hailing from Sweden or professing Swedish descentSource: Wikipedia

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Swedish people also called Swedish

A resident or citizen of SwedenSource: Wikipedia

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Swedish language also called Swedish

a North Germanic language, spoken by more than nine million people, predominantly in Sweden and parts of Finland, especially along the coast and on the Åland islandsSource: Wikipedia

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Swedish Australian also called Swedish

Australians are Australians with Swedish heritage, most often related to the large groups of immigrants from Sweden in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth centurySource: Wikipedia

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Snus also called Swedish snus

((IPA: snuːs)) is a moist powder tobacco product that is consumed by placing it under the upper lip for extended periods of timeSource: Wikipedia

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Swedish Rally

is an automobile rally competition held in Värmland, Sweden in early FebruarySource: Wikipedia

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Skellefte River also called Skellefteälven in Swedish

a river in northern SwedenSource: Wikipedia

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Rutabaga also called Swedish turnip

"Rutabaga" (from dialectal Swedish "rotabagge", root ram) is the common American English term for the plant, while "swede" (Swede) is the preferred term used in much of England, Wales, Australia, New Zealand and IndiaSource: Wikipedia

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Swedish Mauser

The M38 Rifle (6,5 mm Gevär m/38) was adopted in 1938 as part of an overall worldwide military trend (which began just before World War I) towards service rifles that were shorter in overall length than a standard infantry rifle, but longer than a cSource: Wikipedia

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Mandatory Swedish

Swedish is a mandatory school subject for Finnish-speaking pupils from the 7th through 9th grade (13/14 to 15/16-year-olds)Source: Wikipedia

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Swedish Army

(Swedish: Armén) is the army branch of the Swedish Armed Forces, the military of SwedenSource: Wikipedia

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Geats also called Swedish Geats

Geatas, Gautar, Goths, Gotar, Gøtar, Götar were a North Germanic tribe inhabiting Götaland ("land of the Geats") in modern SwedenSource: Wikipedia

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Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition

the first Antarctica expedition involving an international team of scientistsSource: Wikipedia

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Swedish Inheritance Fund

(Allmänna arvsfonden) is a Swedish government fund, established in 1928 when the Swedish Parliament decided to abolish the right of inheritance for cousins and more distant relativesSource: Wikipedia

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Swedish labour movement

The labour movement in Sweden dates back to at least the 1850's, when Swedish workers initiated the organizing of previously spontaneous food riots into strikes, hence acting as an autonomous groupSource: Wikipedia

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Polish–Swedish War

Having signed the Treaty of Stolbovo ending their Ingrian War with Russia in 1617, the Swedes under king Gustav II Adolf (Gustavus Adolphus, hailed as saviour of Protestant Europe) expanded their gains in their previous war with the Polish–LithuaniSource: Wikipedia

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Swedish Linnaeus Society

a Swedish learned society devoted to the study of the 18th century naturalist Carl LinnaeusSource: Wikipedia

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Flag of the Swedish-speaking Finns

an unofficial red flag with a yellow cross used in the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland to represent the Swedish-speaking FinnsSource: Wikipedia

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