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Templates are a feature of the C++ programming language that allow functions and classes to operate with generic typesSource: Wikipedia

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when used in the context of file format refers to a common feature of many software applications that define a unique file format intended specifically for that particular applicationSource: Wikipedia

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when used in the context of word processing software, refers to a sample "fill-in-the-blank" document that can be completed either by hand or through an automated iterative process, such as a with a wizardSource: Wikipedia

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when used in the context of software engineering has various technical specifications, but is generally identified as any processing element that can be combined with a data model and processed by a template engine to produce a result documentSource: Wikipedia

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a device used by NASCAR and other sanctioning bodies to check the body shape and height of racing vehiclesSource: Wikipedia

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XML template engine

a specialized template processor for XML input and/or output, working in a XML template system contextSource: Wikipedia

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Geometry template

a piece of clear plastic with cut-out shapes for use in mathematics and other subjects in primary school through secondary schoolSource: Wikipedia

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Template matching

a technique in Digital image processing for finding small parts of an image which match a template imageSource: Wikipedia

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Java Agent Template

is a fully functional JAVA template, for building software agents that can communicate in a P2P distributed network over the InternetSource: Wikipedia

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Generic programming also called Template class

a style of computer programming in which algorithms are written in terms of to-be-specified-later types that are then instantiated when needed for specific types provided as parameters and was pioneered by Ada which appeared in 1983Source: Wikipedia

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Phrasal template

a phrase-long collocation that contains one or several empty slots which may be filled by words to produce individual phrasesSource: Wikipedia

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Windows Template Library

While WTL is a template library and therefore code-based, the original license was similar to the one used for the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) source code, although it contained no usage or distribution restrictionsSource: Wikipedia

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PlayStation 3 also called Playstation 2 Template

the third home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2 as part of the PlayStation seriesSource: Wikipedia

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Iterative Template Library

a generic component library that provides iterative methods for solving linear systemsSource: Wikipedia

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Chip Template Engine

Chip is a template engine written for use with both PHP and PerlSource: Wikipedia

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Template engine

A (web) template engine is software that is designed to process web templates and content information to produce output web documentsSource: Wikipedia

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Template Attribute Language Expression Syntax

the recommended expression language used by TAL and METALSource: Wikipedia

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Standard Template for Electronic Publishing

a standard file format used to electronically distribute Bible textSource: Wikipedia

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Website Parse Template

an XML based open format which provides HTML structure description of website pagesSource: Wikipedia

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The Wikipedia TemplateSource: Wikipedia

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Template engine

any of the followingSource: Wikipedia

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