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in the sport of cricket is usually a player whose speciality is bowling, analogous to a pitcher in baseballSource: Wikipedia

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a surname and one of the following peopleSource: Wikipedia

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The Adventures of Brisco County also called Bowler

a short-lived western television series with science fiction elements set in the 1890s, starring Bruce Campbell as Brisco County JrSource: Wikipedia

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someone participating in the sport of bowling, either as an amateur or professionalSource: Wikipedia

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marbles also called Bowler

A marble is a small spherical toy usually made from glass, clay, or agateSource: Wikipedia

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Bowler hat also called Bowler

is a hard felt hat with a rounded crown originally created in 1849 for Edward Coke, the younger brother of the 2nd Earl of LeicesterSource: Wikipedia

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an English surnameSource: Wikipedia

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Bowler Offroad Ltd also called Bowler

the manufacturer of off road racing vehicles based on the Land Rover Defender, Discovery and Range Rover chassisSource: Wikipedia

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Bowls also called Bowler

a precision sport in which the goal is to roll slightly radially asymmetrical balls (called bowls) closest to a smaller white ball (called the "jack","kitty", or "sweetie")Source: Wikipedia

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Mystery Men also called The Bowler

starred William H. Macy, Ben Stiller, and Hank Azaria as a trio of lesser superheroes with fairly unimpressive superpowers who need to save the daySource: Wikipedia

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Pro Bowl also called Pro bowler

In professional American football, the Pro Bowl is the all-star game of the National Football League (NFL)Source: Wikipedia

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The Man in the Bowler Hat

the third album by the British rock group StackridgeSource: Wikipedia

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Larry Bowler

a Republican politician from the State of CaliforniaSource: Wikipedia

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Grant Bowler

an actor best known for his many television roles in Australia and New ZealandSource: Wikipedia

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SkitHOUSE also called Australian Fast Bowler

Many characters recurred throughout the series, often appearing several times in a single episode, creating a semi-coherent storylineSource: Wikipedia

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John Bowler

a Western Australian politician who has represented the electoral district of Murchison-Eyre since 2001Source: Wikipedia

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Bill Bowler

a former professional ice hockey centreSource: Wikipedia

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Gerry Bowler

Gerard Columba Bowler was a former Northern Irish footballerSource: Wikipedia

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Spin bowling also called Spin bowler

sometimes known as slow bowling, is a technique used for bowling in the sport of cricketSource: Wikipedia

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Seam bowling also called Seam bowler

a phrase used for a cricket bowling technique whereby the ball is deliberately bowled onto its seam, to cause a random deviationSource: Wikipedia

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