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Dynamic Route Guidance

a radio-based traffic and congestion avoidance systemSource: Wikipedia

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U.S. Route 441

Between its termini, US 441 passes through the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and TennesseeSource: Wikipedia

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Interstate 80 also called Interstate Route 80

the second-longest Interstate Highway in the United States (after I-90)Source: Wikipedia

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Georgia State Route 347

State Route 347 is a west-east highway in northeast GeorgiaSource: Wikipedia

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Star routes also called Star Route

Prior to 1845, preference on contracts for the transportation of inland mail, other than by railroad or steamboat routes, was given to bidders who offered stage or coach serviceSource: Wikipedia

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Triangular trade also called Triangular Slave Route

a historical term indicating trade between three ports or regionsSource: Wikipedia

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Waypoints and GPS also called GPS route

For example, marine GPS receivers often have a "man overboard" function, which instantly creates a waypoint in the receiver for the boat's position when enabled and then begins displaying the distance and course back to that positionSource: Wikipedia

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European route E65

a road that is an element of the International E-road networkSource: Wikipedia

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U.S. Route 90 in Alabama

U.S. Highway 90 and SR-16 cross the extreme southern part of the state, covering approximately 75 milesSource: Wikipedia

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Winnipeg Route 135

Route 135 is a city route in Winnipeg, ManitobaSource: Wikipedia

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U.S. Route 54

an east-west United States highway that runs northeast-southwest for 1,197 miles (1,926 km) from western Illinois to El Paso, TexasSource: Wikipedia

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Interstate 275 also called Ohio State Route 275

(I-275) is an 83.71-mile (134.72 km) loop in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky that forms a complete beltway around the Cincinnati, Ohio areaSource: Wikipedia

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Alabama State Route 297

18-mile, $250 million bypass of the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama to be completed by 2012Source: Wikipedia

12 facts

Arkansas Highway 23 also called Arkansas State Route 23

Highway 23 is a north-south highway running from the Arkansas-Missouri State Line north of Eureka Springs to U.S. Highway 71 near the community of Ash GroveSource: Wikipedia

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Carolina Bays Parkway also called S.C. Route 31

A third phase will be completed in the near future, taking it south to U.S. Route 17 Bypass in Surfside Beach, at Holmestown Road and S.C. Highway 707Source: Wikipedia

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Georgia State Route 23

State Route 23 is a state route located in the eastern part of the U.S. state of GeorgiaSource: Wikipedia

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Georgia State Route 293

expected that the SR 293 will either be dropped south of SR 61/113 in Cartersville, or rerouted east on the current SR 113 (Main Street) going to I-75 in place of the current SR 113 which will be rerouted to the southSource: Wikipedia

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Georgia State Route 331

State Route 331 is a Georgia state route in northern Clayton CountySource: Wikipedia

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Interstate 75 in Georgia also called Georgia State Route 401

also designated - but not signed - as State Route 401Source: Wikipedia

8 facts

Missouri Route 157

runs less than five miles and there are no towns on the highwaySource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Missouri Route 96

Route 96 is a state highway running between Interstate 44 at Halltown and Route 171 near Carl JunctionSource: Wikipedia

6 facts

National Cycle Route 51

a good long distance cycle route running broadly east-west connecting Colchester and the port of Harwich to Oxford via Bury St Edmunds and CambridgeSource: Wikipedia

11 facts

Nevada State Route 228

State Route 228, commonly known locally as Jiggs Highway, is a state highway in Elko County, Nevada, USASource: Wikipedia

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