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the second album released by Ill NiñoSource: Wikipedia

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of one's sins is a religious practice important to many faiths, e.g., CatholicismSource: Wikipedia

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Birdbrain's first single released off of their debut album BlissSource: Wikipedia

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a documentary by Alexander Sokurov released in 1998 as a five-part miniseries on Russian televisionSource: Wikipedia

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means a statement by a suspect in crime which is adverse to that personSource: Wikipedia

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1689 Baptist Confession of Faith

written by Calvinistic Baptists in England to give a formal expression of the Reformed and Protestant Christian faith with an obvious Baptist perspectiveSource: Wikipedia

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Helvetic Confessions also called Second Helvetic Confession

the name of two documents expressing the common belief of the Reformed churches of SwitzerlandSource: Wikipedia

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Confession of 1967

a confessional standard or guide of the Presbyterian Church (USA)Source: Wikipedia

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Confessional writing also called Confession magazine

a first-person style that is often presented as an ongoing diary or letters, distinguished by revelations of a person's heart and darker motivationsSource: Wikipedia

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Lolita also called Confession of a white widowed male

(1955) is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, first written in English and published in 1955 in Paris, later translated by the author into Russian and published in 1958 in New YorkSource: Wikipedia

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Queen Elanor's Confession

Although the figures are intended as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry II of England, and William Marshall, the story is an entire inventionSource: Wikipedia

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The Last Confession

a stage play by Roger Crane based around the election and death of Pope John Paul ISource: Wikipedia

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Apology of the Augsburg Confession

prepared by Philipp Melanchthon as a response to the Roman Catholic "Confutation of the Augsburg Confession" which was written to answer the Lutheran Augsburg Confession after it was presented in 1530 at the Diet of AugsburgSource: Wikipedia

9 facts

False Confession

a hardcore punk band in the early 1980s that emerged in the Oxnard, California areaSource: Wikipedia

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Church of the Lutheran Confession

a conservative Christian religious body theologically adhering to confessional Lutheran doctrineSource: Wikipedia

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Guanabara Confession of Faith

the first Protestant writing in the Americas in 1559Source: Wikipedia

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Confession in Judaism

confession is a step in the process of atonement during which a Jew admits to committing a sin before GodSource: Wikipedia

14 facts

Confession of faith

a statement of doctrine very similar to a creed, but usually longer and polemical, as well as didacticSource: Wikipedia

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The Confessions of Nat Turner also called The Confession of Nat Turner

the title of two booksSource: Wikipedia

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Poetry as Confession

an influential article written by M. L. Rosenthal, reviewing the poetry collection Life Studies by Robert LowellSource: Wikipedia

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