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Terms containing hacking.

Patriot hacking

a controversial term for computer hacking or system cracking in which a citizens or supporters of a country, traditionally industrialized Western countries but increasingly developing countries, attempts to perpetrate attacks on, or block attacks by,Source: Wikipedia

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Circle kicking also called Device hacking

circle kick gameSource: Wikipedia

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Wireless hacking

"Wireless LAN resources for Linux", "Wireless Access Points and ARP Poisoning," "Official Wireless Howto" , etcSource: Wikipedia

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Broadcast signal intrusion also called Video hacking

a term given to the act of hijacking broadcast signals of radio and television stationsSource: Wikipedia

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Hacking at Random

will be an outdoor hacker conference that will take place in The Netherlands in the summer of 2009Source: Wikipedia

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Hackers also called Hacking the gibson

a 1995 film that follows the misfortunes of the young hackers Dade Murphy ('Crash Override'/'Zero Cool', played by Jonny Lee Miller), Kate Libby ('Acid Burn', played by Angelina Jolie) and their friendsSource: Wikipedia

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White hat also called Ethical Hacking

the hero or good guy, especially in computing slang, where it refers to an ethical hacker who focuses on securing and protecting IT systemsSource: Wikipedia

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ROM hacking

the process of modifying a video game ROM image to alter the game's graphics, dialogue, levels, gameplay, or other gameplay elementsSource: Wikipedia

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Kiosk hacking

the practice of bypassing the security restrictions of kiosk softwareSource: Wikipedia

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Hacker also called Hardware hacking

In home computing, a hacker is a person who heavily modifies the software or hardware of their computer systemSource: Wikipedia

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Douglas Hacking

1st Baron Hacking OBE JP was a British Conservative politicianSource: Wikipedia

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Reality hacking

an artistic practice which emerges from the intersection of hacking and hacker culture, contemporary art, activism, and net cultureSource: Wikipedia

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Hacking Democracy

a 2006 documentary film by Russell Michaels, Simon Ardizzone, and Robert Carrillo Cohen, shown on HBOSource: Wikipedia

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Roof and tunnel hacking

the unauthorized (generally prohibited and often illegal) exploration of roof and utility tunnel spacesSource: Wikipedia

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Ghost hacking

a fictional activity depicted in Ghost in the Shell, whereby a person -- or machine -- uses similar technologies to hacking a computer, in order to gain direct access to the conscious mind of another personSource: Wikipedia

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Jamie Hacking

nicknamed The Hacker, is a professional motorcycle racerSource: Wikipedia

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Hacker also called Computer hacking

In computing, hacker has several meaningsSource: Wikipedia

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Social engineering also called social hacking

the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential informationSource: Wikipedia

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Pyle's Massacre also called Pyle's Hacking Match

was a battle that took place during the American Revolutionary War in Orange County, North Carolina (present-day Alamance County, North Carolina), on February 24, 1781, between Patriot and Loyalist North Carolina militia troopsSource: Wikipedia

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Google hacking

a term that refers to the art of creating complex search engine queries in order to filter through large amounts of search results for information related to computer securitySource: Wikipedia

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Shafting also called Roof and tunnel hacking

illicit travelling through shaftsSource: Wikipedia

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