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Terms containing inner sleeves.

Greensleeves also called Green sleeves

a traditional English folk song and tune, a ground of the form called a romanescaSource: Wikipedia

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Heat-shrinkable sleeve also called Heat-shrinkable sleeves

a corrosion protective coating for pipelines in the form of a wraparound or tubular sleeve that is field-appliedSource: Wikipedia

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Docking sleeve also called Docking sleeves

or to retain two components togetherSource: Wikipedia

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Card sleeve also called Card sleeves

Plastic card sleeves are devices used to protect trading cards from damage, especially collectible card game cards from wear and tearSource: Wikipedia

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Types of sleeves

For the type of sleeveSource: Wikipedia

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Sleeve also called sleeves

that part of a garment which covers the arm, or through which the arm passes or slipsSource: Wikipedia

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Senegalese kaftan also called caftan is a pullover men's robe with long bell sleeves

In the Wolof language, this robe is called a sabador, in French it is called a boubou (pronounced boo-boo)Source: Wikipedia

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Mangas Coloradas also called Red Sleeves

whose homeland stretched west from the Rio Grande to include most of what is present-day southwestern New MexicoSource: Wikipedia

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Raglan sleeve also called Raglan sleeves

a type of sleeve whose distinguishing characteristic is to extend in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from armpit to collarboneSource: Wikipedia

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